“Nanyang woman plastic death” follow-up: plastic death female nurse autopsy report released

(Original title: Nanyang female nurse plastic death, autopsy report released) Nanyang, Henan, a female nurse died in the plastic surgery of Wanhe medical plastic surgery. The local health care committee exposed more details: 4 medical personnel participated in the operation, in which the anesthesiologist was in violation of the regulations. After 2 hours and 20 minutes of general anesthesia, the woman had an abnormality. The preliminary analysis of the cause of the accident may be fat anesthesia with anesthesia failure. The nurse was treated with plastic surgery: the general anesthesia of the twins was less than 2 years old in Henan Nanyang “the death of twin mothers during cosmetic surgery” caused social concern, Nanyang City Wancheng District Health and Health Committee reported on August 20, after preliminary investigation, involved anesthesiologist He was not registered in the “Wancheng Wanhe Cosmetic Surgery Clinic” (hereinafter referred to as “Wanhe Clinic”), which is a violation of regulations. Death tracking of women’s plastic surgery hospital: The hospital involved the gauze and left the customer in Nanyang, Henan Province. The 28-year-old female nurse died in the plastic surgery hospital. Her husband suspected that his wife was improperly killed when doing neck fat filling, and called the operating room. Very simple, no basic rescue equipment. The involved plastic surgery hospital has been exposed to accidents many times. Some people have breast augmentation surgery, and the gauze has been left in the chest for nearly 3 months.