Jinyong Hangzhou Villa for sale The landlord has a bitter water: the equivalent of a penny

A villa in Jiuxi Rose Garden sold a hundred million landlord but said that one point did not earn an intermediary. After three years in September 1998, Mr. Jin Yong and his wife, under the recommendation of friends, came to the Greentown·Hangzhou Jiuxi Rose Garden to visit. Buy this suite source. In addition to Mr. Jin Yong, it is said that there is also a famous Zheshang who bought a house in Jiuxi Rose Garden. The Zheshang one bought two buildings, and later costed 890 million. The foreign architects were invited to design and decorate. The house is decorated with a strong atmosphere and is very classic. However, industry insiders ridicule: Unfortunately, there are only a dozen of his nanny and housekeepers living in this house. The high-spec villa area will inevitably become a “nanny’s paradise”, which is really a curse. Insiders reminded: From an investment point of view, a house like Jiuxi Rose Garden has a very limited return on investment. Because the total price is high, the buyers are extremely limited, and the transfer is not flexible; it is even less desirable in the rental market. Even if the rent is 400,000 yuan a year, the rate of return is very small compared with the tens of millions of yuan. From the point of view of the transaction, the cycle is also relatively long. In July of this year, the Jiuxi Rose Garden Tianyiyuan Group was launched. A set of French-style single-family buildings was successfully sold. The landlord listed a price of 180 million yuan, with a construction area of 1037.79 square meters. The final contract price was 100 million yuan, equivalent to a unit price of 96,369 yuan/square. Meter. According to informed sources, the buyer paid about 150 million yuan for the decoration and taxes. Referring to the experience of buying and selling luxury houses in previous years, buyers pay a large sum of money. But even if the total price is high, it can be used as a landlord who bought a house in 2010. There is also a bitter stomach: it is equivalent to a penny. The agent who got more than 1 million agency fees also felt that it was not easy: this set of French-style detached houses, from listing to closing, has been followed for 3 years. “The value of such a luxury home may be ‘collection’ and ‘ownership’.” At the end, the industry said. Jin Yong’s first property in Hangzhou was presented to the favorite Hangzhou “Swordsman”, and Linghu Chong followed Hangzhou to Hangzhou. West Lake, but see “blue waves like a mirror, weeping willow water, the beauty of scenery, as a fairyland.” “A smile to the sky, the horse came to a place, leaning against the hill, and a long embankment separated from the lake outside, it was quiet. Two horses fell, and the mount was tied to the willow tree by the river to the mountain side. Stone level goes up. Turned a few bends, all over the land are plum trees, the old stems are slanting, the branches and leaves are dense, imagine the day when the plum blossoms in the early spring, the snow is like the sea, it must be watched.” Here is the “Meizhuang”, Linghu Chong Here, the sword is defeated, the chess, the book, and the painting “four friends of Jiangnan” are fighting with us. Jin Yong’s “Meizhuang” in Hangzhou is the “Yunsong Bookstore” between the West Lake and the North Peak. This is also his earliest real estate in Hangzhou. “Yunsong Bookstore” is located at the starting point of “Jiuli Yunsong” in the 18th scenic spot of Qiantang. It is also on the side of the pavilion of the “Xingfengyunyun” in the ten scenic spots of Kangxi Emperor Yuhu. It belonged to the Hangzhou Botanical Garden. The Express reported earlier that the word “Yunsong Shushe” was written by Wang Daohan, and the left and right are the couplets of Jin Yong’s handwritten book. “Fei Xueliantian shoots white deer, laughs the book and leans against Bixi”, 14 words are included. There are 14 martial arts novels such as Jin Yong’s “Swordsman”. On the wall of the cloister, there are fifteen novels of Jin Yong’s novels, from Jing Biao Qiao Huang Rong to Joe Gang, the main fox chong Wei Xiaobao Chen Jialuo, all of which are lifelike. In the middle of the bookstore is a patio. On one side of the wall is a large bluestone, engraved with “Yunsong Bookstore Inscription”, which introduces the construction process of the bookstore: the bookstore was laid in October 1994, completed in June 1996, with a total area of 3,200 square meters and a construction area of 1100. Square meters. The bookstore is composed of buildings such as “Gengyuxuan”, “Yulan Pavilion”, “Songfeng Mingyuelou”, “Yingxinzhai” and “Listening to Songting”. It is a typical Jiangnan courtyard style. A total of RMB 14 million was spent, which was issued by Mr. Jin Yong. After the completion of the Yunsong Bookstore in 1996, Mr. Jin Yong felt that the bookstore was too beautiful, and on the bank of the West Lake, it should not be exclusive to him. It should allow everyone to share the beauty, so he decided to make Yunsong Bookstore free of charge. Donated to Hangzhou. At the time, Ms. Yi Yi, who was in charge of the management of the bookstore, recalled that Mr. Jin Yong had not lived in the bookstore for a day. The relevant departments felt regrettable and specially arranged for Mr. Jin Yong to stay here. In the spring of 2004, Mr. Jin Yong came to Yunsong Shushe with his wife and two or three friends. This is a rare night that Mr. Jin Yong lived in Yunsong Shushe. Now, in the bookstore, you can not only understand the life story of Mr. Jin Yong, but also a lot of Jin Yong’s collections and novel manuscripts. Yunsong Shushe’s opening hours are 9:00-16:30, which may be the most “chival” place in Hangzhou. Editor: Zhang Nan Home Previous [1] [2] [3]