Jinan twin white lion is a variant of the Kruger lion

Recently, everyone knows that the National Day is a day of national celebration. Many people choose to marry on the good day of the National Day. There are also coincident families who gave birth to the National Day baby on the National Day. However, it is not only the hotspots of our National Day, but also the National Day Lions in the wild animal world of Jinan, or the white babies of twins. This rare situation seems to be blessing the prosperity of the motherland. Let’s take a look at the Jinan twin white lions. The panda also has precious information about the twin white babies. First, the Jinan twin white lion recently, according to Jinan news reports, Jinan Zoo has two very rare white lion baby. Surprisingly, the white lion mother ignored the little white lion. Pink little paws, furry tails, these two cute little ones are the two white babies born on October 2. On October 6th, they just opened their eyes and were full of curiosity about everything around them. Even if they were not stable, they would climb and look around. He Shubao, an animal care worker in the wild animal world of Jinan: The white lion itself is an albino species of African lions. It is very rare in itself, and it is even rarer to have two small white lions in this fetus. After they were born, their parents ignored the little white lions. They didn’t know how to bring their own children, so we took them out and made artificial breeding. The two little white lions were born on the second day of the National Day holiday, so the staff members kindly called them “National Day Baby.” In a sterile environment with constant temperature and humidity, the nurses massage, breast, weigh and care for their growth every day. The netizen screamed, the white babies who are so ok must come to the motherland to celebrate their birthday, and wish them peace and happiness and grow up, blessing! Second, what kind of lion is the white lion? The white lion is an albino of African lions, very rare! It is a variant of the Kruger lion, produced in Africa. The White Lion was first discovered in South Africa in the last century. At present, the number of white lions in the world is less than 100. A variant of the Kruger lion, produced in Africa. The White Lion was first discovered in South Africa in the last century. As of 2009, there were only about 130 white lions in the world. Some of the white lions in China are just descendants of white lions and ordinary lions. The body hair is not pure white, but with yellow. The white lion is similar to the white tiger, the golden tiger, and the snow tiger. Only the Kruger lion in the African lion will have a white lion. Only the Bengal tiger in the tiger will have a white tiger, a golden tiger, and a snow tiger. The above is the Jinan twin white lion, which is more precious than the panda’s precious twin white lion baby. I hope it will help everyone! Everyone needs to know more about local related information, the latest real-time information, please pay attention to the network, I hope to help everyone and enrich your life. >>Click here to get professional designer free room design