00 post-star second generation avant-garde dressing: 黄多多 into blonde girl, Li Wei sunburn makeup red lips

With the popularity of the parent-child reality show “Where is Dad Going”, and Huang Lei in the “Extreme Challenge”, “Chinese Restaurant” and other variety shows in recent years, Huang Lei’s family is getting more and more attention, and quickly enters the entertainment industry. Popular family. Today’s Huang Lei family can easily brush up on hot search every single move. On October 6, Huang Lei took his wife Sun Li and two daughters and many more girls to make a high-profile appearance at the airport. The family has gained wide attention! As a star family in the entertainment circle, the appearance of Huang Lei’s family of four can be said to be a temperament, and the face is light and easy. In the lens, Huang Lei holds a lot of daughters tightly. Sun Li is holding a lot of sisters. The family of four is full of love and harmony. Of course, the most eye-catching thing is that the family is dressed in a full-fledged manner. Two of them are many and many daughters. The sister is a little younger star revealing! Of course, the audience is most concerned about the 13-year-old. Many of these two years have become hot searchers because of dyeing and other things. This appearance has once again triggered netizens to marvel. This time, the yellow appeared in a black T-shirt with skinny jeans, exquisite makeup, a blond hair with flame red lips, plus a hat sunglasses, the whole person is stunning, of course, it is also a lot of people feel nowadays It has become more mature. Expand the remaining 75%