Messi took a photo with his son and female fans, but was kissed by this female fan, sparking a heated discussion among fans.

[Stunned] Female fans kissed Messi friends: Although too much but too happy! Source: China Net 2019-10-0516:05:09 Introduction: Messi has too many fans in the world, female fans kiss May West, live video exposure is astounding! Netizen: Although too much but too happy! Female fans kiss Messi About Messi, there is still a tidbit news. On social networks, Messi’s short video is getting popular. Messi took the child and took a photo with a female fan. After the photo was over, Messi turned away and the female fan who could not help but gave him a kiss. Messi was a little embarrassed for a while, and he stayed for half a second before moving on. Then the woman’s social account was smashed and the Asian-looking girl was confirmed to be from China. 1/3 1 2 3 Next Last Keywords: Female fans kiss Messi related reading No relevant information