Net transmission Shantou traffic police law enforcement use cycle throwing motorcycle to the car accident Official: collecting live video leads, is investigating

Original title: Shantou police informed that “single car throws a motorcycle to cause a car accident”: will be responsible for the involvement of the auxiliary police at 9 o’clock on the evening of September 15th, there is news that: near the intersection of Dongxia Road, Jinyuan, Shantou, Guangdong, there is a traffic police bicycle throwing motorcycle Caused one death and one injury. Shantou traffic police alert notice screenshot Shantou traffic police issued a police briefing in the early morning of today (September 16), saying that the incident was caused by motorcycle drivers escaping to check the retrograde head. Lizhi News called the Shantou traffic police on the rumors of “traffic police law enforcement using bicycles to throw motorcycles” on the Internet. The other party did not disclose the details of the accident. Shantou traffic police microblogging issued a police report continued after this, Shantou traffic police official microblogging again issued a statement, saying that the network passed “one death and one injury” is not true, the two are currently receiving treatment in the hospital. At the same time, the motorcycle driver did not qualify for motorcycle driving in the accident, and the police were collecting witness videos from witnesses. Lichee News called the contact officer in the statement, Zheng Zheng, the police officer said that the cause of the accident is still verifying the investigation. Shantou traffic police latest microblogging just, Shantou traffic police microblogging re-issued the police renewed report, confirmed that Chen (the traffic police Jinping Brigade traffic auxiliary police) in the process of assisting the traffic police to check the drunk driving, in order to prevent the motorcycle driver 佘 某 逃 逃The shared bicycles parked on the side of the road were launched, causing the motorcycle to fall to the ground after hitting the bicycle. The driver and passengers were injured in a certain place and Li Moumou. The follow-up Shantou City Public Security Bureau will seriously investigate the relevant personnel. Lichee News will continue to pay attention to this matter.