Shenteng couples son to do year-old feast “little lion” was praised by the shadow of a handsome guy

Home>Entertainment>Star Dynamics>Star Gossip> What is the situation of Shen Teng’s son’s birthday party? What is the situation of Shen Teng’s son’s birthday party? Source: Ai Xiumei 2019-08-2311:07:16 Editor: Easy [Introduction]: Recently, Shen Teng’s son’s birthday banquet attracted the attention of netizens. On August 22, some netizens released Shen Teng for his son “Little Lion”. The photo of the feast, the photo of the son holding the son, standing with the wife on the side of the cake, the family of three is very warm, come and see! On the 23rd, Shen Teng’s son’s birthday feast, Shen Teng’s son’s birthday banquet was on the hot search. Some netizens exposed photos of Shen Teng and Wang Qi’s husband and wife for their son’s banquet. The “little lion” was very cute and praised. Wang Qi is more blessed than before. If it is not because of a three-person photo shoot, it is estimated that many people will not recognize her. On the day of the banquet, Wang Qi wore a loose dress. From the point of getting fat from the face, she should be twice as fat as she was before pregnancy. When Wang Qi and Shen Teng were married, they were a beautiful and thin person. In fact, when the little lion was a hundred days old, Shen Teng and Wang Qi held their son to meet with friends. At that time, Wang Qi was in a very good state. He recovered well after birth. I don’t know why, now she suddenly became fat. Comparing the photos, Wang Qi’s current body is really a lot of blessings. Some netizens suspect that she may be pregnant with a second child. Because Wang Qi is a fat lion when she is pregnant with a little lion… Do you think it is possible? The son of Shen Teng is super cute and inherits the good genes of his parents. Everyone should remember that Shen Teng was a school of military art before he became a star. Seeing the value of the little lion, netizens finally believe that Shen Teng itself does carry the gene of “school grass.” Shen Teng full of his son, very fond of the child, wife Wang Qi to help pack things before taking pictures, the two couples are very tacit. The wife of Shen Teng’s wife’s personal data is called Wang Qi. In fact, like Shen Teng, she is also a versatile film and television actor. Wang Qi is not only a graduate of the undergraduate of the art academy, but also has a wonderful praise in “Ma Ming Feng Wei”, “Da He Wei”, “Hai Yun”, “Railway Guerrilla”, “Cang Tian”, and also won many awards. For a little girl, it is very good. It is understood that Shen Teng and his wife Wang Qi have a 12-year love journey, first try in the finals of “Happy Comedy”, and Shen Teng even exclaimed Wang Qi on the spot to raise the crowd. At that time, people realized that Shen Teng had a girlfriend, and Wang Qi’s family background was also widely searched. It is reported that Wang Qi is a Sichuan girl, her age and Shen Teng are almost the same, and her family background is not outstanding. She was born in a well-off family. From Xiao Wang, he began to learn to dance. When he was 15 years old, he was picked up by the Sichuan Armed Police Cultural and Art Troupe as a professional dancer. Later, he participated in many essays and won many awards. In fact, Shen Teng was together with Shen Teng in the university, and the two met through the essay. In the essay, Wang Qi played an angry wife, standing on the stool with a feather duster and quarreling with her husband. The performance is starting, and Shen Teng shouts underneath: Wang Qi, pay attention to the size, how is the ass always squatting? Hurry and take it back. I know that Wang Qi will return immediately: Reporting the brothers, I can’t take it back, my ass is naturally so up. Her playful answer, awkwardly laughter, also left a deep impression on Shen Teng. In the later cooperation, Shen Teng always turned his eyes to Wang Qi. In the rehearsal, I also had a wonderful dance with Wang Qi. When I went to the second and the second, the two came together. In March 2016, Shen Teng was married on Weibo and his wife Wang Qi’s marriage certificate. From the photos, Shen Teng and Wang Qi are very happy, especially Wang Qi looks very beautiful, and does not lose to the current major. Actress. A few days ago, the media broke the news. At that time, Shen Teng and Wang Qi did not hold a wedding ceremony. They simply received the certificate. The two had recently banqueted a small number of relatives and friends in Chiang Mai and held a wedding. Next: Last page label: Star gossip