Jiangsu Huai’an City Supervision Bureau found that CoCo tea shop has mildew fruit but not used

澎湃News reporters repeatedly called CoCo, the company that can be affiliated to them, Shanghai Yiyi Trading Co., Ltd. to inquire about the situation, as of the time of the issue, no reply was received. Extended reading: Grandma’s family, Xibei have successive incidents, food safety leads to worry! After the kitchen, “I don’t see the net,” I went to the restaurant to eat. Many consumers used to use the hot water provided by the restaurant to hot out, even if the sealed packaged tableware provided by the store should be “disinfected”. From this detail, consumers can not trust the health of the business. The person who picks it up uses the old saying that “the eyes are not seen as net.” Besides, have you got the cutlery and managed the kitchen? In March 2019, the media reported on the situation of many famous catering companies after the kitchen was dirty, such as the “Grandma’s home” in Nanjing’s horizontal shop, the washing of the mop in the sink, the chef walking on the chopping board, a variety of vegetables. It is used for cooking without cleaning; the kitchen of Xibeiyu Noodle Village in Nanjing is also found to have food safety problems. After the kitchen chaos is only in Nanjing, or only Nanjing exposed, the answer is self-evident. Don’t worry about the invisible kitchen, can you be assured of the visible kitchen? In order to showcase their own hygienic conditions, many merchants broadcast live kitchens in order to dispel consumer concerns. It should be said that this method can force the kitchen staff to regulate the operation, and can also partially comfort the psychology of consumers. On the afternoon of March 18th, at the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Restaurant Hongkou Longzhimeng Shopping Center, the reporter actually saw a mouse climbed onto the chopping board on the electronic display screen of “Live Broadcasting”. The stealing behavior of this uninvited guest directly led to the closure of the store. As the saying goes, “A mouse smashes a pot of soup”, including the kitchen chaos of the brand-name merchants, including the grandmother’s family and Xibeiyu noodle village, especially the behavior of a few people who knowingly commits the crime, not only directly damages the image of the store. It also hurts the brand that has been painstakingly managed for many years, and once again intensifies the consumer’s distrust of the health status of the business. The post-cooking problem that the above brands were exposed in a few days, in addition to the low quality of individual personnel and the lax management of individual stores, exposed the responsibility of these brands in defending the food safety bottom line and did not keep up with the aggressiveness of expanding the commercial map. The strength of managing the kitchen work can’t keep up with the speed of its staking. Many back kitchen doors have warning signs such as “the kitchen is heavy and the idlers are free to enter”. Where is the “heavy”? Focus on safety! There is still a lot of work to be done to ensure the safety of the kitchen, and there is a long way to go until “the eyes are not seen as net” and become “not to be seen and believe clean”. Source: North Night New Vision Comprehensive News Beijing Evening News