The first Chinese hero of Marvel Who is the role of Li Xiaolong’s image?

On the 14th, “Variety” reporter Justin Kroll broke the news that Marvel was preparing to select the male lead for the new movie “Upper Gas”. The requirement was that it must be of Chinese descent, martial arts, and aged 20-29. There was news in the past month that Lin Ludi (“Sea King”) and Ross Butler (“Thunder Shazan”) may compete for the protagonist of the film. There are two very important key points in the above tweets: one of the first Chinese heroes will be of Chinese descent; the other is that the age of the candidates will only be selected within the age of 20-29. (That is to say, this will basically be the world after 90). If there is no age limit of 20-29 years old, Peng Yuxi, Wu Yanzu, Wu Jing, Zhang Jin, and Donnie Yen are all available. Coupled with age restrictions, but also martial arts, netizens have guessed the interpretation of Xiaolong, after the fame, there has never been a good work, but the strength is still there. But suddenly he was a little over age, born in 88, just 31 this year. In addition, the voices of Wang Jiaer, Huang Jingyu and Wu Lei are not low. In fact, after seeing the words “China” and “post-90s”, the netizens’ first reaction was not excitement, but a bit of an ominous premonition—“I can do it as long as it is not traffic” who is it? The new hero is called “Upward” and is skilled in all the martial arts genres. He can gain a body strength far beyond the human level through a special “gathering” way (somewhat similar to Captain America). As a superman of Asian faces, his body is undoubtedly a lot weaker than Raytheon, Star Jue and other European and American male gods. However, in view of the fact that there are “slim” heroes like the Dutch brother Spiderman in the team, the presence of the gas should not be worse. In addition, I believe that everyone can see a lot of Bruce Lee’s shadow from the image of the gas, this is indeed true, the source of inspiration for the gas is properly brought by Bruce Lee. And his early image was simply printed with Bruce Lee in a template. It is worth mentioning that the reason why Marvel chose to take the breath as the new hero is not only to please the Chinese audience, but also the wonderful life of the character in the original comics—one effort It was taught by his father, but it has been used by his father as a tool to rule the world for more than a decade, and it has conflicted with countless super-English characters. However, in the light of the sensation of martial arts and super-English opponents, I finally realized that the world is not the truth, so I joined the re-election and launched a general counterattack against the father who symbolizes the traditional restraining forces, and once again the world peace. This will be a role with strong plasticity ability, from how to carry the sinful mission, to how to wash the white counterattack, and then to the next stage of the meaning of life, the basic level of each link is also comparable to the “spider” The story of Man. Therefore, for the problem of casting the gas, it is really not a matter of finding a small amount of fresh meat to match. Editor in charge: Zhou Jingyu (EN069)