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In summer, the weather is hot and the temperature is high. People always like cold, cold drinks, iced fruits, iced drinks, barbecue skewers, fried chicken beer, and other kinds of food. Poisoning situation. The star Wang Jiaer also suffered from food poisoning during the tour in South America because of greed. When he jumped half of the dance, he was forced to stop the performance. When the incident suddenly occurred, the fans were very puzzled. How did the dance jump halfway and left, squatting beside the stage, it looked very uncomfortable, and the subsequent performances failed to see Wang Jiaer again. Many people were puzzled and said Very worried about Wang Jiaer. Later, he posted in three languages on various platforms because his food was poisoned, so there was no way to stop the show and let the fans not worry too much. It seems that Wang Jiaer’s food is also unable to control his mouth. However, fans are very worried about this situation. The comment area is also sent to care, and some fans repeatedly pay attention to Wang Jiaer’s diet, and ordered Jiaer to get better soon. Some fans are also ridiculous, are you not enough to eat in the refrigerator, you eat. In short, let Wang Jiaer take care of himself, pay attention to rest, hurry up, and look forward to seeing the lively garner again. The enthusiasm of the fans is enough to see the love of Wang Jiaer’s love, which is very popular among fans. Wang Jiaer can receive the love of many fans for a number of reasons. Wang Jiaer has entered the audience’s sight from participating in the trainees. With a handsome face and super high face value, this cool boy has received many fans’ likes. Not only will he sing, his singing is very good, he is very charming, he will dance, he will dance handsomely, and he will be full of gas. Such a sing-along player has to be liked. The reason why Wang Jiaer is familiar with more audiences belongs to the variety show that participates in “Choose the Refrigerator”. In the program, he can say that his talents are fully expressed. His various specialties are also very prominent, singing is good, rap is also very slippery, and he can dance, flip, and boxing. In the program, he can be said to be a versatile, 18 martial arts can easily win, each skill can be some, really excellent. Wang Jiaer looks like a handsome boy with a handsome sun. He is versatile, can speak and dance, he is also good at sword fighting. At the age of 12, he participated in the National Games and won the first gold medal in his life. He won three Asian champions, three national champions and nine in his personal sports career. International and Hong Kong champions. Wang Jiaer was born in a sports family. His father was former member of the Hong Kong Fencing Team and coach Wang Ruiji. His mother was former Chinese gymnast Zhou Ping. His grandfather was one of the pioneers of Chinese ultrasound medicine, Zhou Yongchang. Wang Jiaer failed to continue the performance because of food poisoning. I believe that the audience at the scene will definitely have a little regret, but more is the concern for the love beans. I also hope that Wang Jiaer will get better soon and return to the stage to bring more excitement to the audience.