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01/China’s economic resilience: With 1.4 billion people, 400 million middle-income groups 02/ Controlling tobacco for more than 13 years, the more it sells: the new tobacco electronic cigarette is cultivating new smokers 03/Experts expect this year’s consumption growth of 8.5% property market turnover Hotspots return to the first and second line 04/star rice circle’s aid business chain: Some people have embarked on the professional chasing star’s Zhifu Road 05/Sancheng movie box office less than one million yuan in the industry: the release is for investors to explain 06/Air China plane 8000 yuan luggage After the consignment, the airport will be scrapped: the maximum compensation is 50007/30. App illegal collection of personal information is notified 08/Securities Times: long-term rental apartment from the toon to the chicken ribs 09/ first-tier city new round of land supply multi-city land Revenue refreshed the same period record 10 / measured drip price adjustment on the first day of the night time affected by price adjustments maximum 01 / under the dual intimidation of Trump and US stocks, Powell committed a rookie level error 02 / financial circle began to scum men’s melon Is it boring to be the bottom signal? 03/No leeks full of sickle? A brokerage company’s chief WeChat group was criticized for being inappropriate. 04/A shares stopped falling and rebounded. North funds, insurance funds quietly bought 05/Dongxing Securities: Maotai Mid-Autumn Festival price is expected to raise the target price to 1424 yuan 06/News: Fenghua Hi-Tech Flash Down limit 07/State-owned capital transfer social security fund experts: The world is amazed, there are four major problems 08/CITIC Securities: How to select a good company? Look at the two major angles 09/Financial Morning Post: Experts expect this year’s consumption growth of 8.5% 7 new shares today subscription 10 / the first batch of Kechuang board average price-earnings ratio is lower than the last 7 shares of the GEM, the ultimate meat 01 / CITIC Group former party committee member Zhao Jingwen seriously violated the law Expulsion from the party 02 / ICBC loan officer lied to the bank’s 30 million loan department leaders were sentenced to 5 years 03 / financial income down the storage of difficult farms and banks large deposit and deposit rate interest rate top floating 04 / July 12 in the sale of high-yield bank wealth management products at a glance 05 / Illegal fund-raising over 76.3 billion yuan “Good Forest Department” fund-raising fraud case first trial 06 / witness history: remember the fifth set of RMB Mao Zedong portrait author Liu Wenxi 07 / four asked the money bank: How many times to kick the ball back and forth? 08/Unveiled national assets defrosting fraud: pay 38 yuan can be divided into 1.08 million who deceive? 09/ Wanying Financial suspected of raising funds to be defrauded 8 cases of executives were taken criminal measures 10 / push a variety of products brokerage bank to seize the bank