Hardden became a hot search on the reverse textbook! The electric car was caught was approved: Hardden could not be smashed

Original title: A blood is born! Harden was caught by the traffic police in Shanghai, and the NBA star couldn’t be retrograde. Harden is now in China. In addition to experiencing the National Peking Opera in Beijing, he recently fell in love with riding an electric car. After coming to Shanghai, Harden was caught by the traffic police in Shanghai, and a blood was born. Harden became the first NBA star to be intercepted by the traffic police in China. In fact, Harden had already experienced the fun of electric cars yesterday. Obviously, he fell in love with China’s light and flexible mass transportation. When I showed up today, not only did I ride the eDonkey, but my friends in the same industry also rode electric cars. Riding an electric car may become the most popular way for NBA stars to travel in China. But after passing a road junction, Harden and others were stopped by the police uncle. Harden rode a red electric car, and the friends behind him not only rode themselves, but also brought people in the back seat. It was for this reason that the police stopped Harden and his party. According to China’s road traffic safety regulations, helmets must be worn when riding an electric vehicle, and no people can be brought in the back seat. Xiaobian should be fined for this, and he was also detained. After the traffic police stopped Harden, the NBA star seemed a bit embarrassed because he had never dealt with the Chinese police, and he could not understand Chinese. However, Harden’s big size, sitting on such a car, looks very funny, it is really difficult for his little electric.