Girl late at night street was beaten by male: girl, where are you?

201906/2513: 15 share back On June 24th, a video of “a girl who was beaten and kicked, torn, and towed by a man in the middle of the night” caused concern among netizens. The violent behavior of the man made the netizens angry. At 3 o’clock in the morning on the 25th, Mianyang network police gathered the existing clues to collect and report that all valuable clues have been sorted out, some have been transferred to the local verification, some have been looking for Sina and Tencent to cooperate, and some are being processed. According to the Mianyang network police, the clues provided by netizens include the location of the incident; there is also a private letter from the Meizhou netizen in Guangdong, saying that there are relatives in the family who are suspected to have been killed in the video. Mianyang network police are verifying this matter with the local authorities. Some netizens went to the scene to investigate on suspected sections. Mianyang network police reminded, please do not make a rumor, please believe that justice will not be absent! On the evening of the 24th, after preliminary inspection by the Mianyang network police, there was no indication that the incident occurred in Mianyang. The Mianyang police will continue to pay attention, and also hope that other provincial and municipal public security organs will work together to find out the location of the case as soon as possible and bring the suspects to justice. The video of the network video shows that the incident took place at 0:44 on June 22nd. A girl walked on the street while watching the mobile phone. The oncoming man suddenly slammed her head with her fist and the girl fell to the ground. The video shows that the man continues to punch or kick the girl’s head and abdomen with his fist. The video was 1 minute and 33 seconds or so. The man wanted to take off the shorts that the girl wore. Subsequently, the man dragged her out of the video surveillance area with the girl’s hair.