Liu Genghong was photographed by Jay Chou, saying that he was ready to new album but was secretly watching the ball.

Home>Entertainment>Star News>Hong Kong and Taiwan Stars> Jay Chou will release a new album. What is it? What is Jay Chou’s new album? Source: Ai Xiumei 2019-06-1813:59:52 Editor: Easy [Introduction]: Recently, Jay Chou will release a new album and be noticed by many netizens. When Jay Chou recently attended the event, he revealed the new album and concert information. Let’s see what is the specific situation? Jay Chou will release a new album recently, Jay Chou will release a new album on the hot search, June 17th, Jay Chou in Beijing to fight in the end 3X3 city basketball hegemony and YJB alliance joint press conference, in addition to basketball, Jay Chou is also inevitably on the scene Be chased by fans. When it comes to writing songs, he said that writing songs requires inspiration. When I went to Europe to play, I found a lot of inspiration. I have been writing songs recently, but I have to pay back the debts owed to other singers. As for the new album that everyone cares about, he also responded that he is already preparing, because the concert will sing new songs at the end of the year, so a new album will definitely be released before the end of the year. On June 17, Jay Chou said at the event that he had started writing new songs recently. “I will start writing songs when I am inspired, and I won’t squeeze it out. Recently I played in Europe to find inspiration. Many songs are also compiled. It’s just a song from someone else. I paid the song debt first because I still owe some people’s songs.” But he later confirmed the news of the new tour at the end of the year, and promised: “The new album before the tour will definitely Out. Now it’s been three years since Jay Chou’s last album, Jay Chou’s Bedside Story, and there was a fan-style reminder album: “Some people are in the 1000 days from the third day to the third year; some people In this 1000 days from the first love to the parents; QQ music on the “confession balloon” 1000 days played 460 million times; but some people did not release a new album in this 1000 days!” Jay Chou how the 17th, Jay Chou social The website was photographed with Yao Ming [microblogging] and said: “Long time no see, we have been working with MV for 16 years. Do you know why you are taking pictures with Yao Ming?” In the photo, Jay Chou toasted with Yao Ming, both faces With a smile, Harmonious atmosphere. It is reported that Yao Ming played the Jay Chou MV “The Same Tune” 16 years ago. After the photo exposure, netizens have watched and ridiculed Zhou Dong: “Old Zhou is half a head shorter than Yao Ming, and the old week is about two meters tall.” “In fact, only Yao Ming is sitting,” and netizens said “I suggest that the new album will have Yao Ming??” Jay Chou said: Why do you have a photo with Yao Ming? This question netizen said: I don’t dare to say that Yao Ming’s height of 2 meters 26, no matter who is beside him, has become a “dwarf”, standing with a group photo It is still impossible to photograph the faces of two people at the same time. The 1 meter and 75 Zhou Dong is still very self-aware. Sitting and taking a group photo, the picture is very harmonious. Many stars and Yao Ming stood together and the pictures were very funny. Jet Li arrived at Yao Ming’s waist. Yao Ming stared at him like a child. Next: Last page label: Star Gossip Jay Chou