The total decision G6 first section Raptors7 three points only lead 1 point! Clay 10 points 2 three points against the bully 15 4 three points

Live Home>NBA Basketball News>Foresight-Raptors vs Warriors G6: Oracle’s curtain call performance preview – Raptors vs Warrior G6: Oracle’s curtain call 2019-06-1315:34:46 live broadcast {{info|html}}{ {advert|html}} against both sides: Toronto Raptors (3) vs Golden State Warriors (2) Competition time: 9 am 9 am Venue: Golden State Oracle Arena game anchor: Dom in the last game, The Raptors were only 3 minutes away from the team’s first championship. With 3 minutes and 28 seconds left, Leonard’s CIC helped them lead the Warriors 103-97, but in the subsequent game, Clay teamed up with Curry. Into three points and three points, the team played 9 to 2 successfully reversed the game, the Warriors also became the sixth team in the past 40 years in the finals 1 to 3 behind but can save the match point on the road. Even if the last game was defeated, the Raptors still firmly grasped the initiative of the finals. In history, there were 34 teams in the finals with a 3 to 1 lead, and 33 of them won the championship. The only exception is 2016. The warriors of the year, when they were badly reversal by the knight. “We know it is now! But we still need to stick to it,” Lori said in an interview. “We won’t be too excited, we won’t be too quiet, we just lost a game, now we have to put our mind and body into the next game.” Durant came back in the last game, but he was in the game. In the end, he was injured again. In the end, he only played for 12 minutes and scored 11 points. When he left the game, the Warriors led by 39 to 34. After the game, Durant’s injury was diagnosed as achilles tendon rupture, and he has now undergone surgery. “I hope that our fans will be able to send the strongest support in the name of Durant and bring Durant’s spirit and fighting spirit to the game,” Clay said. “I know that our fans will do this because we deserve them to do this, but more importantly, Durant, he brings this team, the team.” G6 will become a warrior regardless of winning or losing. At the Oracle Arena’s farewell performance, the Warriors’ home game will be moved to the Datong Center next season. When talking about the Oracle Arena, the Warriors coach Cole said that it is an incredible experience to coach here. “This is a hotbed of basketball.” In the past five years, the passion, energy and cheers here have accompanied the growth of our team.” However, the Oracle Arena did not bring good luck to the home team in this finals. The G3 and G4 Warriors eventually lost. Raptors coach Nass said that he had four games in the first five games of the series. Surprised, “The two teams have performed very well on the road all season. The two teams really have a very strong performance, especially on the road. I think it is like this in many games.” In the first five games, the team that scored more three points won the final victory of the game. In the three games in which the Raptors won, they scored 40 to 32 in three-pointers and the Warriors won two games. This data is the Warriors 33 to 19 dominant. The first Raptors are expected: Lori, Danny Green, Leonard, Siacam, Gasol Warriors: Curry, Clay, Iguodala, Draymond Green, Cousins ( Dom)