Rare Earth Concept Stocks Leading Outbreaks A-share rare earth permanent magnet concept stocks overall up

Zhicheng Finance Network (www.zhicheng.com) May 21 news yesterday, A shares of rare earth concept stocks rose, today A shares of rare earth magnetic material plate continued strong, opening continued to rise, Sanchuan wisdom, Jinli permanent magnet plate, Yingluo Hua, Ningbo Yunsheng and Zhenghai magnetic materials have opened significantly higher. China’s rare earth (0769.HK) opened 13.51% higher today. After the opening, it continued to rise strongly by 29.73% to HK$0.48. The temporary turnover was HK$31.843 million, and the latest total market value was HK$1.12 billion. In the news, yesterday’s general secretary went to Jiangxi to investigate and investigate. First, he inspected Jiangxi Jinli Permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. in Cangzhou City to understand the production and operation of the company and the development of rare earth industry in Ganzhou. Pacific Securities believes that in the short term, rare earth import restrictions have a greater impact on the industry. Among them, Myanmar’s import restrictions are particularly significant, which may affect about 30-50% of domestic heavy rare earth consumption, which also led to the recent surge in heavy rare earth prices. However, the import tariffs on rare earth mines in the United States are not expected to have a small impact. On the one hand, China’s imports from the United States are mainly domestically surplus light rare earth mines, and the overall proportion is relatively small. In 2018, China imported about 25,500 tons of rare earth metal ore from the United States, and imported 5440.9 tons of rare earth metal ore from the United States in 2019Q1. In 2018, China imported 18.5 tons of rare earth permanent magnet materials from the United States, accounting for only 0.7% of China’s total rare earth imports. In 2019, Q1 also imported only 2.7 tons. However, considering the impact of import restrictions on the overseas rare earth industry, the improvement in concentration in the long run is still positive for the industry. List of rare earth concept stocks: Baotou Steel Rare Earth (600111) Baotou Steel Rare Earth is the largest rare earth industrial base in China and even in the world. It is the country’s largest rare earth production and research base and an important rare earth information center. It is also the largest rare earth industrial base in China and the world. It has a complete industrial chain from rare earth beneficiation, smelting, separation, scientific research, deep processing to application. The company is the largest monopoly stock of scarce resources in China, relying on Baiyun Ebo rare earth and iron symbiotic mine. The rare earth industrial reserves of Baotou Steel Baiyun Obo Mine account for 62% and 87.1% of the global and national, respectively. The unique resource advantages form Baotou Steel with steel and rare earth. The unique industrial advantage of the main business. Previous123Next pagelabel: Concept stock user comments (has 0 comments) Nickname: