“Negotiation gate is still open, but…”

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai said in an interview with Fox TV on the 21st local time that China is still ready to have a dialogue with the United States to reach an agreement. “Our door is still open.” In the interview, Cui Tiankai said that the US negotiators “frequently “At the last minute, I quit some of the trade agreements. “We are still committed to what we promise to do, but the US often changes its mind.” Cui Tiankai said, “If we look back at the trade negotiation process in the past year or so, it is obvious that the United States has changed its mind overnight and broke the preliminary agreement that has been reached.” However, Cui Tiankai said that the Sino-US dialogue “The door is still open.” Since the last round of negotiations ended on the 10th of this month, no further negotiation plans have been announced between Chinese and American high-level trade negotiators. On the same day, Cui Tiankai also responded to questions about Huawei, saying that the United States’ accusation of security in Huawei is unfounded. “Everyone knows that Huawei is a private company, an ordinary Chinese private company,” Cui Tiankai said. “All actions against Huawei are politically motivated.” You are so! What is the opening of the Sino-US dialogue? all content! Any comments, welcome feedback comments below! According to the provisions of Article 22 of the Regulations on the Protection of Information Network Communication Rights, that is, the “safe haven principle”, all articles and contents of this website are uploaded by third-party authors. If there is any infringement, please contact this site in time to delete sheyingtg@qq.com This site does not assume liability for content communication. Label: Hotspot information extended reading: Tesla car owners defended their rights up to 340,000 in a night. What is the specific situation of the US government? What is the reason for the prosecution? Cancer girl crowdfunding or what is the situation: prevention of cancer, how should we do the old owe money, stupid failure, Lao Lai owe money, play “hidden cats” judges, stupid failure, actually fiercely resist the Qinghai Yushu 4.2 earthquake, what is the feeling ?