520 did not buy a gift was fanned 52 big slap in the face User: This gift is really strong

520 was fanned 52 slaps in the street fan 52 slap in the face? 2019-05-2118:50:19 Source: Housewives.com Editor: Allure. “520 The man was slap in the street by his girlfriend. 52 slaps in the street. Police: Two people have conflicts. Covered journalist Zeng Ye on May 20, Sichuan Dazhou street, one The man in a suit was slap in the street by a woman in the downtown area, but he never stopped fighting. The passers-by recorded the scene. 520 The man was slap in the street by his girlfriend on the street. 52 police: two people have conflicting cover journalists Zeng Ye on May 20, a street in Dazhou, Sichuan, a man wearing a suit, was slap in the streets by a woman in the downtown area, but has not been able to fight back, passers-by have recorded videos uploaded to the network. The police then rushed to discourage the woman who beat him. When preparing to bring the two to the police station for investigation, the man who was beaten suddenly “protected” the woman who beat the person and prevented the police from taking it away. What is the relationship between these two people? Why do you have to “protect” the other person after being beaten? On May 21st, the cover journalist found the answer from the Xianhe Road police station in Dazhou City, which was in charge of the police. “This is a couple. On the same day, because of some family trivia, there was a contradiction.” The police said that in this contradiction, the man knew that he was doing something wrong, sorry for the woman, and felt that it was a loss, so he let the woman slap in the face and think that This will allow the other party to “suffocate”. When the police arrived, the woman was still angry and continued to scold the man. She slaps his face from time to time, and the police immediately dissuaded the woman. As the incident attracted many passers-by, the sidewalk of the scene was blocked, and the police decided to bring the two to the police station for investigation. After the situation was clarified, the contradictions between the two parties were adjusted. Unexpectedly, the man was worried that the other party was punished by law and order, and even “protected” the woman who beat the scene, and did not let the police take it away. The police had no choice but to persuade the two men on the spot. The police investigation on the spot found that in this incident, the man was slap in the face by a total of 52 slaps. At the scene, the man who was beaten clearly stated that he “does not want the police to intervene” and said that he “can handle it well”. Regarding the cause of the incident, the two were not talking at the scene. In order to avoid the escalation of the matter, the police finally decided to take the man away from the scene and persuaded the crowd. After the police were persuaded separately, both of them said that they would meet the gas phase and properly handle the contradictions and disputes. This will not happen again.