The shooting incident in the Baltimore city of the United States has caused at least 1 death and 6 injuries

Original title: US media: shooting incident in Baltimore, USA, 1 death, 7 injuries, reference message network reported on April 29, the US media said that local time on April 28, a shooting incident in a residential area in western Baltimore, Maryland, caused at least One man was killed and seven were injured. According to the Associated Press reported on April 28, Baltimore Police Department official Michael Harrison said at a news conference that at about 5 pm that day, a man walked close to the crowd who was on a picnic and fired a shot. The shooting seemed to be “very Targeted, but the motive remains unclear. Harrison said that based on the scene with two sets of shells, the police suspected that a second gunman might shoot back. Harrison also said that the authorities still need public assistance to confirm the identity of the gunmen and more victims. According to reports, Baltimore has been plagued by drug-induced violence for decades and has long been considered one of the most violent cities in the United States.