Liang Luo Shi Sunshine first mentioned Li Zezhen, the child’s facial features are like daddy, the dream of the giants has not yet woken up?

Home>Entertainment>Star News>Hong Kong and Taiwan Stars> Liang Luo Shi’s first mention of Li Zezhen What is this? Liang Luo Shi’s first mention of Li Zezhen, what exactly is this? Source: Ai Xiumei 2019-04-2713:55:52 Editor: Easy [Introduction]: Recently, Liang Luo Shi first mentioned that Li Zezhen was concerned by many netizens. On the 26th, Liang Luo Shi celebrated his birthday for his son. He mentioned Li Zezhen for the first time in the writing. Said that when his son was a child, he looked like a father, to see what is going on? Liang Luo Shi’s first mention of Li Zezheng On April 26, Liang Luo Shi’s photo was the eldest son Li Changzhi’s 10th birthday. She sighed with time and flew in the blink of an eye. Ten years later, I thought that when my eldest son was only a few months old, my mother-in-law still He can hold him into his arms, now ten years old, and he can’t hold it. Liang Mu also often jokes with Liang Luo Shi, saying: “I will soon ignore your girlfriend at the age of 18, and cherish the time with my son.” It is reported that during the past ten years, Liang Mong has been helping to look after the eldest son. Liang Mong does not speak English, but for the grandson, she resolutely moved to Canada and sacrificed very much. In the article, Liang Luo Shi is also eager to thank the mother for his selfless dedication. In addition, after eight years of breaking up, Liang Luo Shi first ahead of her boyfriend Li Zezhen, she said that when her eldest son was a few months old, she looked like her, like his father. It is reported that although the two have already broken up, Liang Luo Shi will still often meet with his father and grandfather with three sons, let the children enjoy the father’s love, grandfather enjoys family fun. Last year, Li Ka-shing personally ran for the grandson’s academic studies and arranged a traditional elementary school for him. He hoped that Li Changzhi could learn Chinese and Chinese traditional culture. Liang Luo Shi’s photo was taken when the eldest son was only a few months old. Although Li Changzhi was still a baby, the five senses were beautiful, the eyes were big and round, the little face was round and touted, very cute, and the facial features were like a dad. Li Zezhen. Liang Luo Shi was only only 20 years old at the time, and he did not apply powder. Although the feelings can not be recovered, but now can see the three sons grow up healthily, I think Liang Luo Shi is also very pleased, wish she can continue to be happy. Liang Luo Shi has several children, Liang Luo Shi, a total of three children. In 2007, after Yang Ziqiong introduced Li Ka-shing’s second son, Li Zezhen, he gave birth to a baby boy in 2009. In 2010, he gave birth to a pair of twins. In 2011, Liang Luo Shi And Li Zezhen announced the breakup. Although Liang Luo Shi gave birth to three children for Li Zezhen, they eventually chose to break up. She did not become a daughter-in-law of Li. After retiring for so many years, it was not until July last year that the real return to work was announced. Liang Luoshi did not mention Li Zemin’s feelings for many years, and decided not to expose his son’s appearance. Even if he had to take a photo, he would cover it with a pattern. Therefore, Liang Luo Shi’s son has never been exposed in front of the public, but recently Liang Luo Shi has chosen to expose his son’s positive photo! Recently, Liang Luo Shi has published photos of his birthday party for his eldest son on social networks. In a twinkling of an eye, her eldest son, Chang Zhi, who was born to Li Ka-shing’s son, Li Zezhen, is 10 years old. On the evening of April 26, Liang Luo Shi first sunk the old photos of a group of eldest sons on his social platform. However, from the time of the article, Li Changzhi was only a few months old and was held by his grandmother. Well-behaved, Liang Luo Shi said that this was a photo taken during the last few months of Changzhi. The Changzhi of this period was like Dad Li Zezhen and himself. This is also the case that Liang Luo Shi mentioned Li Zemin several times after leaving the giants. However, there is no figure of Dad Li Zezhen in this family portrait. Although in front of the media, Liang Luo Shi announced very generously to everyone that she has already let go of her feelings with Xiao Chaoren, even if the media knows that they still have contacts, but They never took pictures of their gathering, and Liang Luo Shi was also very low-key, not mentioning each other. In the single life of ten years, Liang Luo Shi did not go to the same way as other peers in his own beautiful years, but raised his three sons alone, and he was also a very responsible mother. However, although it is worth noting that the single-parent mother of Liang Luo Shi’s return is now very sad, not only must she take care of the three children, but she said: “This decade The life is not simple, thank you for your selfless dedication and love. In the year before, Liang Luoshi served as the goddess of “The Wonderful Story”, and when she talked about marriage and love, she shed tears in the audience. Her “worth” is even more distressing. However, every Individuals have their own choices, she thinks it’s worth it! Next: Last page label: Star Gossip Liang Luo Shi