Guo Jingjing confirmed the secret birth of the three-child daughter, recalling her marriage for 8 years, she was married to love.

Exposure Guo Jingjing three births! The father-in-law gave birth to the third child diving in January. The photo was taken seriously. Guo Jingjing was born in 1981. He was a former Chinese diving team athlete. He won numerous awards in the world competition and was praised as the diving queen. After declaring his retirement, he signed up for marriage with Huo Qigang on November 7, 2012, and held a wedding one day later. The two won a baby boy in 2013. In April 2017, Guo Jingjing successfully gave birth to a girl, but Huo Qigang was then I admit that they are hoping to have another child. In the past few years, Guo Jingjing has given the public a very good impression. Apart from occasionally coming out to participate in social activities, the program is almost not hyped, and not only loves Huo Qigang, but also plays the advantage of his own sportsman and becomes a fertility strongman. First, he gave birth to a son for Huo Qigang, and then gave birth to a daughter after a few years. Recently, Guo Jingjing was suspected of having three births, but later the father-in-law, Huo Zhenyu, confirmed that he had given birth to three children and was a daughter. Now Guo Jingjing Huo Qigang has two children and is very happy. Olympic champion Guo Jingjing low-key three births to become a strong man, Hong Kong sister-in-law Zhu Lingling once saw the three sons here, can not help but feel that Guo Jingjing and her mother-in-law Zhu Lingling are very similar. On the one hand, the two people’s name styles are somewhat similar. They are both surnames and two overlapping words. On the other hand, Guo Jingjing is the champion of the sports Olympic champion world, and Zhu Lingling is the Hong Kong sister beauty pageant. It seems that Huojia is very fond of the champion. Olympic champion Guo Jingjing has a low birth rate and has become a fertility strongman. Hong Kong sister-in-law Zhu Lingling has been born with three sons and Guo Jingjing’s fertility is as strong as her mother-in-law Zhu Lingling. Now she has two children and three children, contributing to the prosperity of Huo’s family. Her mother-in-law Zhu Lingling was also a three-children at the beginning, and she made no small contribution to the prosperity of Huojia. Previous12Next page