Guan Xiaoyu is Luhan Qingsheng! In the sound of a singer, this pair of old wives have these 4 love passwords.

201904/2011:40 Sharing Returning Luhan and Guan Xiaoyu have been receiving much attention since the announcement of their love affair. It is now two years since they opened their love affair. The relationship between the young couple has become more and more stable. However, Guan Xiaoyu has been on time. Luhan celebrated his 29th birthday, but the man did not respond. After knowing the reason, everyone laughed. April 20th is the 29th birthday of Luhan. Guan Xiaoyu sent a blessing to Luhan on time, and took a look at Lu’s girlfriend, and also publicized a new song by Lu Han. This wave of dog food is really sweet. 1234 next page