Barbecue is about 200 million What is the situation? Finally the truth, it turned out to be like this!

What is the situation of barbecue fires and 200 million fires? The barbecue leads the fire to 200 million on the hot list, then what is the situation of the barbecue fire 200 million fire? Finally the truth, it turned out to be! April 18th, the end of last year, Italy The two students were caused by barbecue fires and were charged with setting fire to the forest. Recently, the court announced a penalty for them. The two students had to pay a total of 27 million euros (about 200 million yuan) in fines. According to the comprehensive BBC and the Daily Mail, local prosecutors said that on December 30 last year, the two 22-year-old students were welcoming their friends to the New Year near the Lake Como in northern Italy. The embers of the barbecue combined with an extremely dry environment eventually led to a fire. The fire lasted for a few days, burning 2,471 acres (about 15,000 acres) of forest, causing irreversible damage. According to the Italian “Republican” reported that in addition to large forests, several local buildings were destroyed, and all the livestock in one of the buildings were burnt to death. It is reported that the large amount of fines imposed on these two students is calculated by local officials according to a formula. This formula is used to determine the extent of damage caused by a fire. Although their actions led to such serious consequences, after learning the results of their punishment, the two students did not assume all responsibility. In an interview with the Italian newspaper “News”, one of the students said that he was “deeply sorry”, but there were many factors that triggered the fire. One of the students directly told the local media that they were the “scapegoat” of the fire and said “(we) immediately notified the fire brigade to try to put out the fire.” Even the lawyers of the two students questioned the result of the punishment. “What is the significance of implementing such administrative sanctions… It is clear that the two boys are still students and cannot afford to pay.” It is not clear how the two students will pay the huge fine and their lawyers There will be three weeks to question this amount in the Administrative Tribunal. Home12Next page