Wu Lei La Liga returned to the starting line and received good news. The Spanish Football Association has already announced in advance!

In late January, Wu Lei officially joined the Spanish. Wu Lei “Journey to the West” just two months, it is necessary to get the first award in Spain. The official website of the Western Football Association reported yesterday that Wu Lei will be selected as the Outstanding Sports Person of the World Football Conference. The video screenshot World Football Conference is referred to as WSC, which will be held in Barcelona on April 12th. This award is intended to recognize athletes who have performed exceptionally well in the sports world and have made outstanding contributions to Spanish football. The official website of the Western Football Association did not disclose which awards were established by WSC, but confirmed that Wu Lei will receive the Outstanding Sports Person Award. After 10 days, Wu Lei will officially receive the trophy in Barcelona. After Wu Lei joined the Spaniards, La Liga set off a boom in China. When Wu Lei came out to play the debut, the number of viewers in China reached 40 million. For the Spaniards, which had little basis for fans, this is a previously unimaginable number. Between La Liga and China, Wu Lei set up a bridge. Spanish VS Getafe Preview: Will you be able to start the Wujia strong enemy? This week, La Liga, Premier League and Serie A all ushered in a week of doubles. The Lottery No. 19045 winning and losing color consists of two Premier League games, eight Serie A and four La Liga. In the four La Liga matches, the leader Barcelona and the second-placed Atletico played, as detailed below: Atletico VS Girona. Atletico Madrid has 7 wins and 3 losses in 10 rounds. The league’s 11 wins and 2 draws are only one game against Real Madrid. Girona ranked 13th, with 34 points. The relegation pressure is not too big. It has 6 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses on the road, but it has a certain ability to score points. The two teams made five draws. William first lost 1.324.7512.00, the flat compensation is obviously in the scope of prevention, the two anti-reverse teams have been tricked, the ball can not be lost. Spanish VS Getafe. The addition of Wu Lei has made the Spaniards have a very high popularity. They have performed well in several key battles of relegation. Although losing to Barcelona is also a crime of non-war, the home is 8 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses, and the opening and closing is larger. Getafe is currently ranked 4th, 2 points ahead of the 5th Aravis, and the qualification to directly participate in the Champions League is tempting and full of war. 4 wins, 9 draws and 2 losses away, the unbeaten rate is quite high. William first lost 2.453.103.10, and Macau has a half-handicap. Both sides have their own needs. Villarreal VS Barcelona. Due to the unfavorable start of the home team, although the strength of the lineup is deep in the relegation vortex, the last round of the guest was reversed by Celta, nearly 10 home games 3 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses, not strong. Barcelona 6-game winning streak, nearly 10 away 8 wins and 2 draws, the standings led by 10 points, quite dominant. The two teams have nearly 10 encounters, and the “yellow submarine” has 2 draws and 8 losses and has fallen to the bottom. In all respects, although Barcelona is on the road, it has a one-sided theme. William’s initial loss of 6.504.601.47, in line with the image of both sides, Macao received a ball / half open, after receiving the note fell to a half, no subject matter can be said that the home team can continue to rise, can not stop the heat, Barcelona is difficult to take Big wins, even loses are not accidental, focus on cold protection. Athletic Bilbao vs Levante. 4th to 9th place with only 6 points, 2 wins, each team has the possibility of competing in the Champions League, Bilbao is currently ranked 8th, there is still obvious desire, 6 wins, 7 draws and 2 losses at home Is invincible. Levante scored 32 points, still on the edge of relegation, 4 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses on the road, relatively weak, although there is a desire to win, the ability is general. Last season, Bilbao was double-killed by opponents, and there was a revenge theme. William first lost 1.703.605.50, Macau half a handful, optimistic about the main win more than a draw. Xiaobao Xiong Source North Night New Vision Network Comprehensive NetEase Beijing Evening News Process Editor TF003