Asia Pacific is the most beautiful hundred faces, Di Lieba is only ranked sixth, and the most beautiful entertainment circle is her!

On December 28th, TCCandler announced the world’s most beautiful and handsome 100 face list, Chinese female stars Di Lieba, Yan, Zhu Zhu, Lin Yun on the list, Chinese male stars Zhang Yixing, Cai Xukun, Wang Jiaer, Huang Xuxi Luhan, Wu Yifan. Different from previous years, domestic fans will be able to know the list for the first time on the official account of Weibo TCCandler Asia Pacific. What makes the fans more happy is that the official announced the launch of the world’s most beautiful 100 face nominations after the announcement of the global list. TCCandler official and Asia Pacific official accounts have certified this news in INS and Weibo respectively. Like the global list, the Asia Pacific list will also select 300 finalists from the nominees of the fans, and the finalists of the 300 finalists will be posted on the official accounts of Weibo and INS for fans to vote. Every forward on Weibo is equivalent to one vote, and INS is like voting. In the beauty contest, the aesthetic differences between Europe and the United States and China’s Asia-Pacific regions have been quite controversial. In the United States, Miss Michigan, the United States, was named An Anqi, and Chinese netizens shouted hot eyes. The Miss Hawaiian Chinese beauty contest winners also caused major media to sue, and they all thought that the foreign list was ugly and did not understand the oriental aesthetic. Miss Michigan, United States, in this regard, TCCandler can be regarded as a clear stream in many foreign competitions, although the number of Chinese stars on the list every year is negligible, ignoring the occasional aesthetic mistakes, it is relatively close to the mainstream aesthetic of China. Such as the angelababy, Liu Yifei, etc. on the list (to give more examples). Compared with the previous Lu Yan Dan Fengyan, the black-skinned foreigners in the eyes of Asian women stereotypes, TCCandler last year’s list of four thousand beautiful women, fair-skinned, facial features exquisite and petite, with Chinese classical temperament, In line with the aesthetics of the Chinese people. For example, Di Lieba, Yi, Zhu Zhu, Lin Yun, etc., who are shortlisted for this year’s list of the world’s 100 most beautiful faces, are obviously more Chinese with Chinese characteristics. They are also recognized by Chinese people as female stars, reflecting the Chinese aesthetic. More and more are being understood by the international community. The TCCandler chose to establish the main position of the Asia-Pacific brand in China’s largest social platform, Weibo, indicating that the understanding of Asia-Pacific and China will be more comprehensive and diversified, and more and more Chinese stars can expand to the world. The channel of the stage. In fact, with the improvement of China’s overall strength and international influence, Europe and the United States are no longer glimpsing the leopard in the East, but are slowly unveiling the mysterious veil of the East and trying to understand her. I believe that TCCandler’s 100 most beautiful faces in the Asia-Pacific region and the 100 most beautiful faces in China will be able to launch more Chinese faces, and more Chinese style and culture can be better communicated. The world’s stereotypes of Chinese people are no longer single, but three-dimensional, rich and diverse. related suggestion