The cartoon “Schuk and beta” is sure to take a new version! After 80 friends: Do not destroy childhood

In January 2019, the number of nationally produced TV cartoons that were publicized on the record was 34, 13197.8 minutes. According to the theme, 20 fairy tale subjects, 8073.8 minutes, accounting for 58.8%, 61.2% of the total number of public records; 1 subject, 39 minutes, accounting for 2.9%, 0.3% of the total number of public records; 3 science fiction theme, 991 minutes, Accounted for 8.8% and 7.5% of the total number of public notices; 5 educational subjects, 2,338 minutes, accounting for 14.7% and 17.7% of the total number of public records; 1 historical subject, 120 minutes, accounting for 2.9% and 0.9% of the total number of public records; Subject matter 1 and 169 minutes accounted for 2.9% and 1.3% of the total number of public notices; 3 other subjects, 1467 minutes, accounting for 8.8% and 11.1% of the total number of public notices. According to the proportion of the proportion, the domestic TV cartoons recorded in the record are: fairy tale theme, education theme, science fiction theme, other subjects, realistic subjects, historical subjects, mythological subjects. Extend reading for a long time: “Shook and Beta” will be remake today, Tencent video “Super IP Release Day” appeared at the 14th China International Animation Festival. On the launch day, with the theme of “Love China Animation”, dozens of heavy IPs covering the two sections of Youth and Children’s Animation were released, and many works were announced. In this release, “Douro Continental” as the first national penguin film and television, the second quarter announced the end of this year, “Shook and Beta” “Oolong Institute of the legendary treasure” and other classic IP was also reawakened, for children The animation is heavily weighted. Today’s Youth League project, including the adaptation of one of the “2017 outstanding online literature original works” adaptation of the “Perfect World”, adapted from the writer’s ear of the fairy fantasy fantasy “One Eternal”, and Penguin film and television first The sci-fi masterpiece “Devouring the Starry Sky” created by the top animation team at home and abroad. In the announcement of the finalization of the work, the second season of “Douro Continent” will be launched in December this year, which is the first national year of Penguin film and television production, accompanied by long-term youth. According to the popular novel, “Magic Dao” was settled in the summer of July, Pengu Film and the Tencent Game Aurora Light Studio jointly launched the top IP “Snow Eagle Lord” will open roaming linkage new gameplay, animation and games are expected this year Meet the audience for half a year. Surprise in the children’s animation section, “Shu Ke and Beta” “Animal Choir”, “The Legend of the Living Dragon of Wulong Academy” and other excellent works with both emotion and quality will become the focus of parents. “Animal Choir” is jointly produced by CCTV Animation and Penguin Film and Television. It uniquely draws on the embodiment of musical dramas. It opens a musical dream-by-dream journey with different styles and colorful music, and completes the type of animation theme. Another innovation and breakthrough. “The Legend of the Living Dragon of Wulong Academy” “Shu Ke and Beta” is the childhood memory of generations. Yan Youxiang personally took the title of “The Legend of the Living Dragon of Wulong Academy” animation system to ensure that the original essence is not lost, and to create classic memories. The two “national mice” from the “Fairy King” Zheng Yuanjie plan to revisit the audience in 2019. It is reported that “The Legend of the Living Dragon of Wulong Academy” and “Shook and Beta” will refine the core of the excellent culture that will not be outdated, and awaken the classic IP in a way closer to the current environment of children’s growth. On the day of the release, Penguin Film and Television also launched the “China Good Story Animation Collection Order”, set up a reward fund, funded the original OVA project, and continued to provide quality spiritual food for the contemporary youth. Facing the rapid growth of China’s animation market, Wang Juan, the chief editor of Tencent Video and senior vice president of Penguin Film, said that Tencent Video will continue to strengthen the development of the whole industry chain with animation as the core, and will continue to adhere to the boutique route and incubate more quality. The achievements of domestic animation have helped the success of Chinese animation in the field of commercialization and promoted the development of Chinese animation. Source: North Night New Vision Network General SARFT Editor: TF003