Qinghai Yushu suffers from sufficient fuel supply in the snow disaster area

Original title: CCTV news: From last night (16th), Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province, once again encountered snowfall, in which the amount of precipitation in the county within 12 hours has reached more than 5 mm, snowfall continues, it is possible to reach Blizzard level. From January 20 to February 10, four consecutive snowfalls have caused Yushu to suffer snowstorms. According to the Yushu Prefecture Meteorological Bureau, in the next three days, there will be more than a medium amount of snowfall in the northern Yushu and north of Guoluo. More than 60%-70% of the administrative area of Yushu and the Daluo County and Maduo County of Guoluo have been covered with snow, and because of the high altitude and low temperature, the snow is hard to melt. At present, the depth of snow is between 5 and 10 centimeters, and in some areas it is more than 15 centimeters. Traffic and animal husbandry production still face a lot of tests. Multi-party forces participated in the disaster relief and disaster relief. The news from the Yushu Prefecture Disaster Relief Work Emergency Command: As of today (17th), 72 villages in 28 townships and towns in 6 (city) counties of Yushu Quanzhou suffered from different levels of snow disasters and affected people. There were more than 55,300 people, and 18,887 animals were killed by the disaster. The two levels of government in Yushu Prefecture of Qinghai Province have arranged relief funds of 15 million yuan, allocated disaster relief funds of 1.15 million yuan, completed the distribution of 480.3 tons of disaster relief food and 9680 pieces of various materials; completed the processing of forage materials by 22,918.31 tons and invested in 68 machines. It launched 8719 cadres, mobilized more than 2,000 militia and grassland management staff, and actively participated in livestock transition, snow removal and ice removal. In the medical field, more than 120 medical personnel have been transferred, and 17 roving medical teams have been set up to conduct in-depth visits to the disaster-stricken areas and distribute various types of anti-drug drugs worth more than 260,000 yuan. At the same time, the death animal insurance payment work has been initiated, and on-site inspection of 3301 dead cattle and sheep has been completed. Up to now, a total of 4,634 people affected by the resettlement have been resettled, and more than 72,100 heads of livestock have been transferred. Snowfall caused some flight delays. In terms of transportation, the shuttle bus from Yushu to Xining today is running normally. However, due to snowfall weather, flight standards are not met. At present, some flights at Yushu Airport are delayed. Passengers can call the airport, airline customer service, or download relevant mobile phone software to learn flight information.