FB spend money to iPhone users download monitoring apps: Violation of Apple privacy policy

Apple has cancelled a developer privilege on Facebook. Previously, according to TechCrunch, Facebook is paying some users (including teenagers) to let users download an app. The app gives Facebook access to deeper access to activities on the user’s phone. An Apple spokesperson told CNBC on Wednesday that Facebook violated Apple’s policy by releasing a “data collection application” to consumers. Apple has cancelled Facebook’s “Enterprise Certificate” – a certificate that allows Facebook to distribute activity tracking applications to users. In early trading, Facebook’s share price once fell. But it is currently up nearly 3%. The spokesperson said: “Our enterprise developer project is only used for internal distribution of internal applications. Facebook has been using its membership to distribute data collection applications to consumers, which is a clear violation of their agreement with Apple. Any Developers who use enterprise certificates to distribute applications to consumers will be revoked, which is what we do to protect users and their data in this situation.” Facebook will still be allowed to list it in Apple’s AppStore. application. Apple only revoked Facebook’s ability to distribute applications through specific methods. According to Apple’s regulations, developers can only distribute these applications to employees of their own company. But according to TechCrunch, Facebook is distributing data collection applications to those who are not employed by Facebook. After Apple cancels its permissions, Facebook’s ability to test its applications internally may be affected. According to TechCrunch, starting in 2016, Facebook pays $13 a month to users aged 13 to 35 to participate in their research program. These users need to download the “FacebookResearch” app on iOS or Android. CNBC pointed out that Facebook Research may collect user data, including private messages, photos sent, web search records and location information. A Facebook spokesperson told CNBC, “The key facts about this market research program are being ignored. There is no secret in this project. It is actually called Facebook Research. This is not “monitoring” because all the people who signed up have gone through Clearly joining the process requires permission and participation. Finally, less than 5% of those who choose to participate in this market research program are teenagers. All of these parents signed a consent form.” Facebook subsequently issued a statement saying Is working with Apple to negotiate issues. All iPhone apps that are restricted to employees are now offline.