Director Xu Han Apologize to Wang Yuan after clearing Weibo What is wrong with fans?

The director sent a apology to Wang Yuan to apologize before the Diss fans destroyed the dance beauty 2019-01-1410:27 Source: Sohu video entertainment broadcast Wang Yuan / video / fans Original title: Director sent a message to Wang Yuan apologize before Diss fans destroy the dance beauty [Sohu video entertainment Broadcasting] On January 13, after the director Xu Han issued a diss Wang Yuan fan, he sent a tribute to Wang Yuan. He clarified that he was not the director of the event, and Wang Yuan was a very hard-working artist who reminded fans not to influence other artists. He said that a perfect performance is inseparable from the artist and the behind-the-scenes effort. His own blog is just to express dissatisfaction with the light card and apologize to Wang Yuan. It is reported that Xu Han released the live video and Diss Wangyuan fans on the evening of the 13th, saying that tens of millions of dance beauty designs were destroyed by fans, and @王源’s fan station and Wang Yuan himself, then the Weibo delete. In the video, Wang Yuan’s support light is on, and the number is quite large. Later, some fans said that there was a staff member requesting to turn off the lights in the middle of the event. Everyone was turned off. A photo after turning off the lights was also returned to Sohu. See more responsible editors: Statement: The view only represents the author himself. Sohu is the information publishing platform, and Sohu only provides information storage space services. Read () complaint