A primary school of all 194doctoral parents“: Mom and Dad are both doctors

The original title of 194 doctoral parents: There are 194 doctoral parents in a primary school. The netizens are filled with the taste of talents. “Our scientific literacy”, “new energy vehicles”, “what is chemistry”… December 26, 12 doctors in Suzhou Dad brought a fun course. It is understood that the school has 194 doctors (including post-doctoral) parents, the doctoral parents also entered the school to start classes, more than 60 doctoral classes in one year. Netizen: The air is filled with the taste of talents! “My dad is a doctor, my mother is also a doctor, my parents are doctors.” This is the daily conversation of Hanlin Primary School students in Suzhou Industrial Park. According to statistics, there are 194 doctoral parents (including postdocs) in this elementary school, including 133 doctoral fathers and 61 doctoral mothers. The number of doctoral parents here is one of the best in the country. To this end, the school specially used the resources of these doctoral parents to organize a “doctor dad into the classroom” activities, so that these doctoral students in the usual high school gave lectures to the children, and the doctors and fathers were also very carefully prepared. The children in the third grade ushered in the lesson of “Our Science Literacy” brought by Dr. Huang Qibing, the father of Huang Chuxi. In this class, Dr. Huang Qibing used many scientific inventions as an example to stimulate children’s science. The interest is mainly to stimulate children’s curiosity about science! Inspire children to learn to observe and find the laws of things. In the classroom, the children also interacted with the doctoral dad. Some boys boldly asked questions to Dr. Dad, and Dr. Huang Qibing also patiently provided professional answers for each child. 194 doctoral parents