Bobo wants to shake hands with Wei Shao? But it is another person, 10 seconds exchange is meaningful!

Scene of the game On January 13, Beijing time, the Thunder revenge at home, defeating the Spurs 122-112. Thunder (26-16) ended a three-game losing streak. Russell Westbrook scored 24 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists. “Pickle” Paul George had 18 points and 11 rebounds, and Stephen Adams had 12 points and 9 rebounds. Dennis Schroeder came off the bench with 19 points and 6 assists, Abdul Nadir 15 points and Patrick Patterson 13 points. [Technical Statistics] The last section of the Spurs (25-19) failed to withstand. DeMar DeRozan scored 18 points, LaMarcus Aldridge had 17 points and 9 rebounds, and Brian Forbes had 14 points. Mako-Bellinelli, who came off the bench, scored 24 points. Belinelli’s three points The two teams had just met the day before yesterday, and the Spurs passed the two extra hours before they passed. Westbrook hit a triple-double with 24 points and 24 assists, and Aldridge scored a career-high 56 points for the Spurs. [stable! The small guns and thunder focus to win the game to win] [ball expert NBA daring! The scores of the two teams are also high and scary. The Spurs won 154-147 with a total score of more than 300 points. Ade funny swaying 2 1 Spurs three-pointer super level play, the first 14 shots in the middle, the last 19 shots 16 in. It is impossible for the Spurs to maintain this kind of feel. Today, the performance outside the three-point line is average, and the Thunder is not very good. The two sides are hard to find. George’s three-pointer After half the first quarter, the two teams became 10-10. Bertans and Belinelli made three points in a row, taking advantage of 18-12. It’s not uncommon to see such a three-pointer in a row, but the Spurs have made five three-pointers in this quarter, both from Belinelli and Bertans. The Thunder failed to make a three-pointer in the first quarter, trailing 23-31. DeRozan made a layup in Europe. The Spurs opened the gap 50-37 in the second half of the second quarter. The Thunder finally hit a three-pointer, and Patterson and Ferguson succeeded, narrowing the gap to single digits. However, in the last 2 minutes of this section, the Thunder only scored one goal. At the end of the half, they were still at a disadvantage with 51-60. Schroeder’s buzzer layup The Spurs hit 47% in the first half and made 6 of 17 three-pointers. DeRozan scored 12 points, Aldridge scored 10 points and Belinelli scored 11 points. Schroeder’s difficult layup The Thunder’s poor state is only 38.6% in the first half and 5 of 12 from the 3-pointer. On the backboard, they are at a disadvantage with 22-38. George scored 11 points and Westbrook had only 1 of 11 shots and scored 4 points. Grant’s Big Hat DeRozan The Spurs had only six turnovers in the first half, but the third quarter had more mistakes and reached seven in a single quarter. The Thunder seized the opportunity and fought back. Wei Shao Huang Berryelli George hit a three-pointer, Westbrook dunk, the Thunder began the third quarter with 7-0, narrowing the gap to 2 points. They gradually exceeded the score and the two sides entered a tug-of-war. With 3 minutes and 02 seconds in this section, Westbrook’s eyes were poked and left in the backcourt. The Spurs played five-four and Forbes hit a three-pointer. They led again with 75-74. Schroeder made his last three minutes and made frequent shots. After he hit the buzzer in this section, the Thunder led 86-80. In this section, the Thunder scored 35 points and the Spurs only scored 20 points. Wei Shaofei action layup Thunder in the fourth quarter to expand the advantage of 96-87. Belinelli also scored a three-pointer, but Schroeder hit a consecutive field and the Thunder scored a double-digit advantage. The last two teams played two overtimes. This time the Spurs failed to bite and made many mistakes at the crucial moment. Wei Shao layup The Thunder began to control the situation. In the 4 minutes of the game, Westbrook made a layup and the Thunder led 116-100. The Spurs had to give up and removed all the main forces. In the last 2 minutes, the Thunder took down Wei Shao and others and successfully completed revenge. (Angkor) statement: Sina’s exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprinting!