Asian Cup Iran 2-0 Vietnam Iranian Messi Azimen made a comeback

Tigers flew on January 12th, Beijing time 19:00, 2019 Asian Cup group match continued. In the first game of the second round of Group D, Vietnam lost 0-2 to Iran. The Iranian team occupied a clear physical advantage in this game. Azmon scored twice in the first half and the second half. In the end, the Iranian team won two consecutive victories in the group stage, and the team won the team in advance, while the Vietnam team lost in a row. In the previous first round match, the Vietnamese team lost 2-3 to Iraq, and the team suffered a reversal in the case of two-leading lead. The fans also regretted this; “Persian Iron Ride” Iran is the favourite to win this year. The team’s first round of 5-0 victory over the Yemen team, showing a very good competitive state. In the first half of the game, Gudos once had a chance to face the goalkeeper Deng Wenlin alone, but his shot was attacked by Deng Wenlin with his body. In the 38th minute, the Iranian team launched an offensive from the right. Gudos passed the bottom line on the right side of the line. Azmon, who was unmarked in the middle of the road, leaped high and slammed the door. 0-1, the Iranian team took the lead! At the end of the intermission, the Vietnamese team took the lead in making personnel adjustments, and Yan Wenquan replaced Pan Wende. In the 69th minute, the Iranian team once again launched an offensive from the right side. Toraby sent the ball to the oblique front. After receiving the ball, Azmon used the advantage of the body to open the squadron and Du Weimeng successively, then the left foot pushed to complete the Meikai II. Degree, 0-2! After 10 minutes, Azmon was replaced by Ansarifad and missed the opportunity to stay on the court for a hat trick. With the entry of Yu Jinling in the 84th minute, the two teams all used up the substitution place. In the end, the Iranian team took the opponent and won the team’s two-game winning streak in the group stage, and announced the group’s qualifying in advance. Lineup: Vietnam: 23-Deng Wenlin, 2-Du Wei Meng, 3- Gui Yuhai, 4-裴进勇, 5-段文厚, 8-阮中黄(84’22-阮进灵), 10-阮公凤, 15-范德辉(59′ 11-言文大), 16-Du Xiongyong, 19-阮光海, 20-Pan Wende (46’9-阮文全) Iran: 1-Belangwand, 2-Cafuri, 3-Haj-Safi, 8-Pu Laliganji, 9-Ebrahimi, 11-Amily (64’6-Nuro Rashi), 13-Canani, 14-Gudos, 17-Taremi (64’16- Torabi, 20-Azmon (79’10-Ansarifad), 21-Dejaja (Editor: D钧DJ)