Tornado swept in Canada Ottawa 200,000 people blackout

Scene of the scene of the accident: CNN Overseas Network January 12th, integrated media information such as CNN and Canadian Broadcasting and Television Corporation (CBC), a traffic occurred in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on the afternoon of the 11th local time. The accident has caused three deaths and 23 injuries. The number of casualties is still rising further. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson informed the accident at the press conference. At about 3:50 pm on the 11th, a double-decker bus collided with the platform at the West Boluo bus station in Ottawa. Twenty-three injured were quickly taken to the hospital and three had died. Two of them were passengers on the bus and one was a passenger waiting on the platform. According to Charles Byrd Leo, director of the Ottawa Police Department, several passengers were trapped in the bus after the accident. The bus driver has been under police control and the cause of the accident is still under investigation. The medical staff and fire department in Ottawa are cooperating with the Ottawa police on the spot. An eyewitness of the accident said that the bus had hit a piece of ice and then hit the side of the station. The Ottawa Public Transport System subsequently issued a statement reminding the public to bypass the traffic accident, which led to the closure of several streets and the bypass of multiple bus lines. (Overseas network Zhang Qi) statement: This article only represents the author himself, Sohu is the information publishing platform, Sohu only provides information storage space services. Reading (0)