As can be seen from these behaviors, Yang Mi Tang Yi has long been “formed a stranger”

The happy events of Tang Yin and Luo Jin finally “official propaganda”. On the 28th, some media reported that according to informed sources, Tang Yan’s bridesmaids were composed of Chen Yuqi, Xu Baihui, Guo Xiaoting and Wang Guan. When Yang Mi got married, he only found Tang Yan as a bridesmaid and gave the bouquet directly to Tang Yan. It is obvious that the two people have deep feelings, but this time Tang Yan’s wedding Yang Mi did not attend, although Yang Mi said that because of the busy work, but Few people believe that everyone is curious about whether something unpleasant happened between the girlfriends. What happened between Yang Mi and Tang Yu, so that this pair of good girlfriends gradually alienated each other? To sum it up is: three plays and a microblog. The first drama is “Carat Lovers.” The female No.1 of this play is Tang Yin, but Yang Mi’s female artist Di Lieba has gained more attention. The audience thinks that Di Lieba’s role is more pleasing, when Di Lieba’s “Yan The “Tang Yu’s manuscript is also full of flying.” Some people think that Yang Mi stepped on Tang Yan for holding Di Lieba, causing the two to fall out. The second drama is “How to Silence.” As everyone knows, Yang Mi is the film version of “Where” Zhao Mozhen, Tang Yi is the drama version of Zhao Mozhen, the two’s acting, modeling, etc. are always compared by the audience, so the heart is stunned. The third drama is “Bounty Hunter.” According to the network broke, the female No. 1 of this play was originally contested by Yang Mi and Angelababy. Later, Yang Mi was finalized, but it was temporarily changed to Tang Yan before the filming. Many netizens believe that Tang Yan was the resource that robbed Yang Mi. At that time, there was also a manuscript entitled “Tang Hao’s performance of the bounty hunter partner Li Minjun, Zhong Hanliang, and Yang Mi’s girlfriends.” The Weibo is a Weibo that was forwarded by Tang Yi Studio on March 2, 2017. The original Weibo said that if “Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom” changed the heroine Yang Mi into Tang Yan, he would definitely see the tail from the beginning. Tang Hao Studio forwarded this Weibo, and then issued a statement saying that it was not sent by the studio staff, but the account was stolen. Some netizens also believe that it is not normal for Yang Mi and Tang Yin to gradually get away from the good girlfriends. They are not robbing resources and “plugging in the knife”. The feelings between ordinary people will change with time. This is normal. There is no need to overestimate them because they are stars. On the 28th, Yang Mi also sent a blessing to Tang Yan through Weibo.