Apple Qualcomm breaks? Can iPhone X be produced smoothly?

(Original title: Appledemanded$1billionforchancetowiniPhone: QualcommCEO) Netease Technology News January 12 news, according to foreign media reports, US chip maker Qualcomm CEO local time on Friday testified that Qualcomm is trying to become the exclusive modem chip supplier of Apple iPhone, not Prevent competitors from entering the market, but to compensate for the losses that Qualcomm incurred by Apple’s $1 billion “reward”. Qualcomm paid the money to Apple as part of a deal between the two companies in 2011. Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf testified at a trial meeting at the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that Qualcomm paid the money to Apple to reduce the semiconductor company used by the iPhone at the time. The technology cost of Infineon’s chips replaced by Qualcomm’s chips. Morankopf said that although this kind of payment is very common in the industry, the amount is very large. According to the agreement signed by the two companies in 2011, Qualcomm was designated as Apple’s only modem chip supplier, and the modem chip helps mobile phones connect to wireless data networks. In exchange, Qualcomm agreed to give Apple a rebate – the details of the rebate have not been disclosed. Apple can choose another vendor, but it will lose this rebate, which actually leads to an increase in the cost of chips used by Apple. In response to this behavior between Qualcomm and Apple, antitrust regulators alleged that the deal with Apple was part of Qualcomm’s anti-competitive behavioral model, with the aim of maintaining its dominance in the modem chip market. Status and exclude companies such as Intel. In a federal district court in San Jose, Calif., Morankopf testified that Apple asked for $1 billion in funding but was unsure of how many chips it would buy, forcing Qualcomm to seek an exclusive agreement to ensure it sold enough. Chip to recover the payment. Morankopf said that Qualcomm’s goal is not to stop competitors like Intel. “Our risk is, (Apple’s purchase of Qualcomm)?” Morankopf said in his testimony, “Can we get everything we want because we have paid so many rewards to Apple? gold?”. Earlier on Friday, Apple supply chain director Tony Blevins testified that Apple’s approach is that there are at least two suppliers in each of the iPhone’s more than 1,000 parts. More than 6 suppliers. Blyvans said that Apple stopped trying to use Intel modem chips in the iPadMini2, because losing the Qualcomm chip’s rebate would make the overall cost too high. “They made our desire to switch to another chip supplier’s product lower,” Blyvans said of Apple’s rebates from Qualcomm. “These rebates are very, very large.” (Tianmenshan)