The roadside “abandoned the baby” led the villagers to alarm, the police: misunderstanding, is an inflatable doll

On January 10th, the official microblog of Taicang Public Security Bureau of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province issued a “Taicang 110 Acceptance Form” with the text: “Sorry, 110 can’t save your girlfriend.” This incident caused netizens to pay attention. The police investigators introduced to the upstream reporter: “A man called on the day said that the inflatable doll he bought had leaked, and he hoped that 110 could help him solve it. The police found out that the man’s type of alarm was a consumer dispute and informed him. After accepting the scope within 110, initiate it to respond to the consumer department or communicate with the merchant.” 1/2 The next page is the entire content of the inflatable doll leak alarm. More real-time information, please pay attention to the cool network – information channel!