Redmi’s new conference, Leijun incarnates violent old man anger 怼友商!

Lei Jun’s press conference, what happened to the friends, what Lei Jun said. Xiaomi Group held a new independent brand Redmi Redmi conference in Beijing today and released the brand’s first product, RedmiNote7. As the first product, RedmiNote7 uses a 48 million ultra-high-pixel camera, equipped with a 2.2GHz “full blood version” Snapdragon 660 processor, and provides 18 months of long warranty service, starting at 999 yuan. Continuing the previous style, the price of red rice products is controlled within 1,000 yuan. However, during the promotion period, the vice president of glory said that the competition with Xiaomi has already ended. The glory is far ahead and many other remarks, which triggered Lei Jun’s dissatisfaction and is rarely released. There will be many diss friends and products on the spot, and even said that “life and death are bearish, and they will not accept it.” Redmi Redmi became an independent brand and has a relationship with Xiaomi. Both are brother brands under the same group and competitors in the same market. Lei Jun said that it will launch a flagship mobile phone belonging to Redmi Redmi, which is around 2,500 yuan, and Xiaomi will force the mid-to-high-end market. After the meeting, Lei Jun took the new vice president of Xiaomi Group and the general manager of Redmi Redmi brand Lu Weibing, and the vice president of Xiaomi Group and chairman of the group quality committee Yan Kesheng accepted the interviews of Sina Technology and other media to further explain the future of red rice. Roaring friends: How do you come from the day of birth? “We asked a general to engage in a Redmi. If you want to do a few articles with my science, you will be anxious.” Lei Jun explained to the media that why is it uncharacteristic? Many mentions of friends at the press conference. At the press conference, Lei Jun made detailed comparisons of various brands from appearance to chip to price. However, in response to questions from friends about cameras, Lei Jun was personally “science” and adopted Huawei IMX586 Huawei. As well as glory mobile phone, due to the limited capacity of Sony, the release of a month in the Friends of the Mall is still not in stock, “So friends often used to total our hunger marketing, PPT mobile phone, I said this is not a PPT mobile phone, not with me Selling point? You have the ability to sell the goods.” Lei Jun said in an interview. “Before I started Xiaomi, I was a hardcore fan of Huawei. I will take a lot of speeches. I have told you many times that domestic brands should be united. The muzzle is raised by one foot. “In essence, everyone is safe, but then the friends and merchants have divided a sub-brand. “How come from the day of birth, how come down, I have never responded for 5 years.” . “The real price/performance ratio is only one ratio. I really bought two friends’ mobile phones. I really learned it. I don’t want to compare it with one. Don’t take a rendering.” Lei Jun said, “Really take me again.” Anxious, I have technical defects in the science perforated screen.” Lei Jun said that friends in the imitation of millet to do cost-effective, cost-effective and friends have nothing to do. “These friends have frequently expressed their attitudes. This shows that friends and businessmen are anxious. I told colleagues that we have to respond, so we responded to ‘Life and death are bearish and we are not satisfied.” We will not provoke war, but we are not afraid of war. Welcome friends to conduct a comprehensive comparison, do not make a single comparison. Lei Jun also asked Lu Weibing to make a good product, and to return to it and teach him what the price is.