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01/ CCTV Interview with the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, revealed a strong policy signal! 01/ Guotai Junan 2019 annual strategy: the strength and avoidance of the four major risks worthy of attention 02/Tian Puzhen for Wang Shi finishing clothes case Qi Mei (Photos) 03/January 10 listed company evening announcement delivery 04 / national brand killed by two researchers: Chongqing Beer Oranges are red again 05/time limit board has long known: the seven big good tomorrow is expected to ferment 06 / Northeast Pharmaceuticals arrogant dividends hundred yuan renminbi cash wall to employees red envelope 07 / Ou Fei technology renamed more than a year more than 45 billion wealth evaporation changed the name Back 08/early: The Nasdaq’s index of gains has dropped significantly. 09/Top 10 blogs look at the market: Friday’s broad market faces important choices of 10/35 billion yuan for 20 shares: the main fund focuses on 7 shares (list) 01/exclusive ! CIC ushered in the discipline inspection team leader of the former Bank of China CRO Pan Yuehan as 02 / central bank 2019 precious metal commemorative coin issuance plan: 10 kg of gold coins issued 18 pieces 03 / year-end bonus tax can be selected one: do not mis-select preferential policies instead tax! 04/January 10th, the sale of high-yield bank wealth management products at a glance 05/bearing-type wealth management income is not high, the threshold is high, no stocks, investors, carefully selected 06/bank structured deposits: “for vest”, the risk of product protection needs to be vigilant 07/ Who helped Jia Yueting to return the Minsheng Trust 900 million? Le Rongzhi new self-raised funds returned 08/ Yinbao 2018 fines more than 3800 loans illegally flow into the property market dysentery still exist 09/bank financial income list 554 banks 150,000 products revenue perspective 10/Tianjin Banking Supervisor 11 Zhang Pingzheng Merchants Bank, Great Wall Asset Management and other institutions