Jingdong Apple iPhone 8 series price reduction, the difference from the official website price is more than 1,000 yuan

iPhone has cut prices! On January 11, the two major e-commerce platforms in China, Jingdong and Suning, respectively lowered the price of the iPhone. In response, Jingdong responded to the China Securities Journal reporter that this was officially notified and authorized by Apple. As of press time, Apple (China) has not responded. Jingdong said that starting at 0:00 on January 11, the iPhone8 and iPhone8Plus will cut prices. The adjusted benefits are as follows: iPhone8 is as low as 3,999 yuan, and iPhone8Plus is as low as 4,799 yuan. Apple’s official website shows that the current iPhone8 offer 5099 yuan, iPhone8Plus offer 5999 yuan, respectively, and the Jingdong price difference of 1100 yuan, 1,200 yuan. Sun Yanwei, president of the First Mobile Phone Research Institute, told the China Securities Journal that Apple had not implemented price reductions on the iPhone before. It was also the promotion policy of the previous two days. Now it is rushing to cut prices, first taking old products to test the water, maybe Apple wants to hit the price. The war, this is the market reaction to see the price cut first, is a strong signal to the Apple supply chain. It is worth mentioning that from another e-commerce platform Suning, the price cut has spread to iPhoneXR. On January 11th, Suning Mobile official Weibo said that Suning Tesco has significantly lowered the price of iPhone products during the event, iPhoneXR128GB The version activity price is 6199 yuan. After receiving the 400 yuan coupon, the price is only 5799 yuan, which is 1200 yuan cheaper than the price of Apple’s official website of 6,999 yuan. According to Suning, Suning Tesco is now also on the iPhoneXR redemption campaign, using iPhone7P to buy iPhoneXR, the price is as low as 3,500 yuan to start iPhoneXR. For adjusting the price of iPhones, Suning responded to China Securities Journal reporters as saying that this is a year-end concession.