Frozen Age Goddess Guan Zhilin keeps 400 million property or leaves to younger brother

Home>Entertainment>Star News>Star Gossip>Guan Zhilin’s property to his brother Guan Zhilin How much property Guan Zhilin’s property to his brother Guan Zhilin How many property sources: Ai Xiumei 2019-01-1113:56:12 Editor: Lala [Guide]: Guan Zhilin Recently In retirement, he occasionally participates in the program, but the most important thing is to do his own clothing business. Recently, Hong Kong media reported that Guan Zhilin chose to leave his property to his own brother. Guan Zhilin’s property to his brother Guan Zhilin is the imprint of an era in Hong Kong. He has appeared in many movies, and now slowly fades out of the entertainment industry. He is also a self-conscious clothing brand and a very tasteful designer. However, Hong Kong media recently reported that Guan Zhilin intends to leave his remaining property to his younger brother. The 56-year-old goddess Guan Zhilin, although her marriage is not satisfactory, she has been madly sucking gold with her personal ability and has created her own clothing brand with 400 million. With a lot of net worth, the 56-year-old still maintains her frozen age and perfect body and is active in the public’s field of vision. She still lives very delicately. Her properties in Hong Kong include luxury homes, commercial buildings, shops, etc., and have appreciated a lot in recent years. Guan Zhilin’s younger brother is still very low-key, not a person in the entertainment circle. The relationship between the two sisters is also very good. And often I was photographed together, but my brother is also the closest relative to her, and it is normal to leave the property of the younger brother. It turned out that she also had a 11-year-old brother named Guan Shihua. The Hong Kong media reported that she would leave more than 400 million properties to her beloved brother. Guan Shihua lived in the United States in his early years. He studied law majors and worked in insurance after returning to Hong Kong. He is now a feng shui master. For Guan Zhilin, it is not a pity that there is no child, but her own choice. Now she no longer insists on having a wife, and it is very common sense to leave the property to her younger brother. Guan Zhilin was married and not married. After divorcing from the last wealthy businessman, Guan Zhilin was still in a state of being alone. However, she was married in the early years and soon divorced. After that, she passed the scandal with various people, but Guan Zhilin It is also a state of retirement. At the age of 18, she fell in love with the actor and businessman Peter. After two years, she broke up and married the kingdom who was 16 years older than her, but the man seemed to be unsatisfied after the marriage, less than half a year. The two were divorced; afterwards, they were smashed out and beaten by Ma Qingwei and Liu Yuxiong. It was not until 14 years that he married Chen Taiming, and he was divorced in 15 years. Guan Zhilin’s life is still very legendary. Her beauty still makes many people convinced, but there is still a lot of lace news along with Guan Zhilin. In the emotional Guan Zhilin is still not smooth, but she also shows that one is still the most chic. of. The goddess Guan Zhilin is still fascinating and fascinating at the age of 56, but she has regretted the two marriages. She was twice married to the rich and divorced, and she did not leave a child. Until now, Guan Zhilin has been very handsome and not so obsessed with the other half. Guan Zhilin is 56 years old this year. She is not married yet. She has no plans to marry again. She once said that she enjoys a person’s life and will not force a marriage because of her age. It seems that Guan Zhilin is planning to be alone. Next: Last page label: Guan Zhilin