Reporter “Undercover” reveals the insider of health care products marketing: How many goods can the elderly buy?

At 4 o’clock in the morning on December 24, Nanyou Expressway, Nanning, Guangxi, 136 km to Chongzuo, a large truck carrying 23 tons of raw seedlings caught fire. After receiving the alarm, Guangxi Chongzuo Fire Brigade special squadron immediately dispatched 2 fire engines and 12 commanders to the scene for disposal. Rescuers arrived at the scene. Large trucks are in a violent burning phase and no one is trapped. The rescuers fired the fire according to the scene. After more than 10 minutes of fighting, the open fire was successfully annihilated. However, due to the fierce fire in the car, the high temperature has turned it into a “baked clam”. It is reported that this is a car from the northwest of Guangxi to the Pingxiang Friendship. Li Xin, a reporter from the China News Service Beihai Branch, got the news at the first time. With the sensitivity of the news, he felt that this was a news that easily caused the broadcast. He immediately contacted the local fire department to understand the situation. He quickly processed the map. It was submitted to the editor, and the manuscript was issued very quickly. Then he edited the video material provided by the fire department and then edited it into video news and broadcast it through the new website. Sure enough, as Li Qiang expected, because the news had an inevitable contrast story, it quickly spread on the Internet, and a large number of public numbers were following up. The news continued to become popular in the next two or three days. Seeing that the news compiled by myself has been greatly reprinted and disseminated, Li Qiang has a sense of accomplishment. As a journalist, it is the most satisfying time to see that his own news can be taken and forwarded everywhere. However, at this time, Li Qiang’s cell phone rang, and the mother’s phone call, worriedly told him: the family and other people’s oysters had just sent a car a few days ago, but something went wrong… “Is it sent to Pingxiang? ? 23 tons?” Li Liqiang all the achievements and satisfaction disappeared instantly, night sweats are coming out. After receiving a positive reply, Li Qiang knew that the news that he reported was becoming a hot news was what happened at his own home. That whole car became a “baked oyster” oyster, which is the goods of his own family. “There are about a hundred thousand lost. When I know that it is the disaster of my own report, the feeling of helplessness and sad reminder is really heartbreaking.” Li Qiang now sighed and shook his head. “But the family is okay, things seem to have passed, parents should laugh and still laugh, can’t see that they have any particularly sad expressions, they are quite indifferent, after all, it is not a big problem.” But in the unit, I learned The colleague of the matter “exploded” and rushed to tell: “I didn’t expect a fire, but I also burned such a proud colleague at home.” “There are millions of people at home, so I am so dedicated to doing news, I have to work harder.” “Do not irritate him. What if he accidentally goes back to inherit the family?” The above is the reporter’s report on the entire contents of his own goods. More hot news, please pay attention to the cool network – information channel!