… Hainan women crazy after an afternoon, causing an eye-slung… Doctor diagnoses for a face 瘫

The snow scene in Changsha has faded. For the 21-year-old Hainanese Xiao Wang, he was excited and happy, but he was admitted to the hospital with his friends. On January 8, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter learned from the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province that Xiao Wang was diagnosed as a facial paralysis and has now returned home to continue treatment. Xiao Wang is a Hainanese. He rarely sees snow. This time he happened to be in the snow in Changsha, so she was very excited. About a few friends went to the Xiangjiang River to take pictures, make snowmen, play snowballs, and played an afternoon. I feel that my face is stinging and numb, and I still have to leave. The next morning, I got up and washed, and found that one side of the mouth leaked water, and one side of the eyes could not close, so I rushed to the hospital to see a doctor. Zhao Jie, MD, from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province, received a small doctor. Dr. Zhao found that when Xiao Wang was frowning, the right forehead was completely free of wrinkles, that is, the right eye was closed and the face could not be completely closed. When the air is blowing, the upper and lower lips cannot be completely closed, and the right corner of the mouth is always leaking. After examination, Xiao Wang was diagnosed with facial nerve paralysis. After Xiao Wang was hospitalized, the doctor developed a set of treatment plans for him. Acupuncture-based, compound manipulation, moxibustion, phlegm and meridians, Chinese medicine directed drug penetration, holmium laser irradiation to improve local circulation, and some nutritional nerve drugs. treatment. Through systemic treatment, Xiao Wang has now recovered and discharged. Zhao Jie said that as long as the treatment is timely, the general prognosis is good, the fastest can be recovered within one month, and most of them will heal in March. However, those who have not recovered for more than 6 months have a poor prognosis, and some have facial paralysis. Therefore, facial paralysis must be treated as soon as possible. In fact, in addition to timely treatment, prevention is also very important. Dr. Zhao Jie reminded that we must first adjust the state of the body, avoid staying up late, strictly regulate life and work, exercise properly, and enhance immunity. The second is to avoid cold irritation, especially in the winter, do not let the wind blow the head or face for a long time, and eat less cold food. For patients who have already been paralyzed, Zhao Jie said that during the treatment, pay more attention to rest, wind and cold, pay attention to the warmth of the head and face, such as wearing a windbreaker or a scarf, and use hot water when washing your face. Light diet, quit smoking and alcohol. User Comments @alo: Sympathy! @首鉴官: Life is ups and downs, not to be happy with things. @草草上上草: So keeping warm is very important, especially in places where it is very cold and windy, masks are still needed @OhRiang: For the Hainanese in Beijing and Shanghai for more than ten years, the first time I saw snow I also sighed, this big sister is watching the vibrato southerners see the snow picture overplayed.