2019 iPhone price reduction? Cook: Do not think about it!

Sincerely, News.com (news.zhicheng.com) January 10th, there have been a lot of hot spots around Apple and iPhone in the past two weeks. Cook’s open letter confirms the long-rumored news that the iPhone really can’t be sold. More popular than ever, last year’s three iPhoneXS/XSMax/XR dropped significantly. Cook blamed the poor sales of the iPhone on China’s economy, but the market is generally believed to be because Apple’s pricing is too high, especially in the domestic market, there are not so many people who buy 10,000 iPhoneXS/XSMax. It is meaningless to explore the reasons for the decline in iPhone sales. For Apple, it is still necessary to make a profit. The current news shows that Apple obviously does not want the iPhone to sell. Recently, the channel has started to adjust the price. iPhone8, iPhoneX And the iPhoneXR/XS/XSMax series can be adjusted at a maximum price of 450 yuan. According to reports from the daily economic news, the reporter learned about the adjusted price of Apple products from the sellers of Shenzhen Huaqiang North. According to Liu Yu (pseudonym), who has been in business for many years, on the evening of January 8, Huaqiang North’s channel providers received price adjustment information from the US. iPhoneXR, iPhone8, iPhone8Plus, iPhoneX, iPhoneXS and iPhoneXSMax all began to cut prices, the highest single product. The channel price dropped by 450 yuan. Among them, the new iPhone of Yuanwang Digital City Wholesale Market has experienced a full-scale decline in various degrees. Liu Yu also told reporters: “The price reduction of Apple products can stimulate the demand of low-end consumers, thereby promoting Apple’s sales growth. But we are more miserable, and iPhoneXR has the most losses, the average one The department lost about 400 yuan. The specific price offered by Shenzhen Huaqiang North Electronics Market with specific price, China Electronics First Street: iPhoneXR64GB wholesale price fell 450 yuan, the current price is 5250 yuan; iPhoneX64GB wholesale price fell 100 yuan, currently The price of the iPhone864GB fell by 420 yuan, of which 3 prices are currently 3880 yuan; the wholesale price of iPhone8Plus64GB fell by 450 yuan, of which the current price of two models is 4,800 yuan. The other two new models released by Apple last year also have different prices. Falling: Apple’s official website price of 8699 yuan iPhoneXS64GB (golden version), channel price has fallen below 8,000 yuan, reported 7610 yuan; dual card, big screen blessing iPhoneXSMax also does not have strong resilience, 64GB channel prices have fallen below 9000 Yuan, the golden version reported 8520 yuan, in addition, the 256GB version has fallen below 10,000 yuan, the golden version reported 9385 Yuan; the highest price of 512G gold version, the current channel price is 11100 yuan. Previous page 12 next page user comments (has 0 comments) Nickname: