For three consecutive years, local bosses announced all paid

As the netizens said, what other benefits will be more effective than a direct increase in wages? Now there is a document on the online so-called Gree Electric internal staff processing capital, which is marked with the following: According to the company’s research decision, since January 2019, salary adjustments have been made according to different positions, and the total salary has increased by less than 1 billion yuan. Mainly involved in technical, managerial, technical, and production and counseling positions. For the authenticity of this document, Gree has confirmed that it is true. The specific salary increase implementation time is implemented from January 2019. The implementation scope of employee salary increase is on January 15th, 2019, and has been tried and corrected. Employees. If this is the case, this is Gree Electric’s third announcement of employee salary increases since 2016. On December 2, 2018, Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, attended the annual meeting of Chinese entrepreneurs and said that Gree’s revenue increased by more than 50 billion yuan in 2018. This also means that Gree’s 2018 revenue is expected to reach 200 billion yuan. You may also be interested: Dong Mingzhu also gave Gree employees a salary increase: per capita plus 1,000 yuan per month Dong Mingzhu domineering commitment: Gree employees each suite Dong Mingzhu: Gree employees one person and one suite Gree super welfare exposure Gree Electric Appliances will redeem the dividend commitment Dong Mingzhu will receive a dividend of over 26 million yuan Dong Mingzhu one person and one suite Gree chairman Dong Mingzhu domineering commitment