Qinling demolished millions of square meters illegally, some villas actually unclaimed, netizen: you know

Original title: Hundreds of villas in Qinling had no one to claim the audit team: the owners have found out that the information on the dismantling of illegal villas in the Xi’an section of the northern Qinling Mountains has attracted attention. Some media reports said that the villa’s lavish luxury is staggering: the circle accounts for 14.11 acres of basic farmland, the fish ponds are more than 1,000 square meters, the kennel area is 78 square meters, and the cultural relics are 211… Some netizens said: “My home Not yet his kennel is big.” Qinling is a climate boundary between China’s north and south and an important ecological security barrier. It has many functions such as regulating climate, maintaining water and soil, conserving water sources, and maintaining biodiversity. However, in recent years, its ecological environment has continued to be destroyed. According to the disclosure, the illegal construction of the Qinling Beibei began in 2003. The villa builders deliberately destroyed the mountain, and the domestic sewage was discharged at will. Some even flattened the hillsides and occupied the forestland at random. The damage to the ecological environment was very serious. At the end of July, the central provinces and municipalities started the “Qinling Defence War”, 55 commercial residential projects in the Xi’an section of the Qinling Mountains, and thousands of villas were listed as objects of investigation. In the inventory of the villa, there was a self-reported announcement that “400 villas were unclaimed”, and the news was triggered by public opinion. On September 22nd, the Office of the Leading Group for the Special Rehabilitation of the Qinling North Ridge of Xi’an City, through the “Xi’an Release”, photographed a group of villas. According to the relevant notice: the relevant owners, recently, the Xi’an Qinling Beibei illegal construction special rectification work leading group office has registered and verified the Qinling Beijiao villa project. After many efforts, there are still very few owners who can not get in touch. . According to the reporter’s return visit to the northern foot of Qinling, some villa areas have been demolished into parks. The super-planned villas have also been demolished on the bulletin board in the Qinling landscape community, with the notice of “looking for villa owners”. Each number on the notice represents a villa that does not find the owner. The Qinling landscape community is divided into 10 gardens, and the notices of 3 gardens are cumulatively displayed. The owner information of about 200 villas has been missing.