Chengdu rotating Trojans true horse raises criticism: Matthew is poor

Recently, the “Rotating Real Horse” game in Chengdu has attracted attention. Instead of wooden horses, driven by electric motors, four lively horses were shackled on the steel pipes in the circular field. When the machine started, the horses were pulled forward and circled, and the tourists sat on the horses. Netizens angered that this practice was too cruel and inhuman. The operator responded that the ride is qualified and legally compliant, and the horse must exercise every day, otherwise the intestines will have problems. Keeping the horse for safety, you can’t let it run around, or what to do if you bite someone. Is the rotation of the real horse unpopular? The game of Rotating Real Horse is very popular here. On weekends, because of the novelty, adults and children like to sit, there are many people, and sometimes they need to line up. “There are more people on weekends, children play more, of course, adults can sit.” The staff said that the horse used in this game is a professionally trained pony horse, a total of 6 horses, for safety reasons, generally only 4 Come out, about 4 hours each time. When the rotating real horse is running, it is driven by the motor and can be adjusted to three speeds: fast, medium and slow. Of course, it is slower than the normal carousel. During the customer experience, there were 3 coaches on the scene, about 4 minutes, about 10 laps. There are a lot of netizens saying that there are some netizens who are not comfortable. The girl who flies by flying said: “If you want to ride a horse, you should go to a professional riding stable. It is too much to tie the horse here.” It is all the content that makes the horse more comfortable after the rotation of the real horse. More real-time information, please pay attention to the cool network – information channel!