Ren Xianqi for the new drama to increase fat to 200 pounds, the director was exposed to the scandal, this fat increase

Ren Xianqi fat to 200 pounds into greasy uncle? Netizen: This… too spicy! 2018-11-0516:19 Source: Sports Fitness Leonardo / weight loss / running Original title: Ren Xian Qi fat to 200 pounds into greasy uncle? Netizen: This… too spicy! The man who used to call the opposite girl was fat! Fat! Fat is like this! No mistake. This is the Ren Xianqi who is too soft to remember Ren Xianqi? The tall, thin, gentle and gentle man’s smile has always been the killer of Xiao Qige. When you look at it, you feel that warmhearted Ren Xianqi is not only good at singing, but also plays well. He once starred in “Star Wish” and “Smile Jianghu, “Big Events” and other classic works, but in this photo that was exposed, he struggled to run on the street. The big belly was very stealing. The netizens saw that they had crowned him with the Chinese version of Xiao Lizi. Now he VS Before he saw this, could he not help but want to ask a question about what you did to him? The netizens also speculated in addition to being too spicy. “He has experienced the food.” “I was the first Reaction: Is it iced black tea? “Ren Yinqi has endorsed the advertisement. “This is more serious than Jay Chou, who was drinking milk tea that year.” “Reminds me of Leonardo.” In fact, Ren Xianqi is not tortured by years but chooses to gain weight. It was originally for the role of the film. He increased his weight from 74kg to 100kg. He also ridiculed himself on the Internet. He changed from Xiaoqi to Xiaopeng. From 74kg to 100kg, for a good movie, sacrifice for art, Xiaoqiken Fight He thinks that “the fat little Qi is still very handsome”, but still self-comforting. In fact, as early as July, his fat photo was exposed to the belly, and the netizen laughed that the middle-aged greasy uncle faced the greasy mouth of the netizens. Uncle, he also sadly sent a photo of a small meat period to comfort himself. For the role of the new play, he did not choose to use special effects instead of the director. He said that when he was really fat, he looked at the real thing and he began to eat something to gain weight. Frequent eating too much leads to acid reflux, running, running, not breathing, the movie bought a pile of clothes before the film was shot. All the XL code from the medium code to the XL weight gain not only brings the body shape but also the belt. To the health problem, I found out that Sangao and Fatty Liver are really trying to work hard. I have maintained a 200-pound figure during the filming and I have to do other daily work with a fat self to sing a concert. Still, this waist….Fat is more than a lap. The result is bitter. “Now no one likes me. I haven’t cut my hair or shaved for half a year. Before I went to the stage to sing, the audience reacted too cold. It seems that I don’t know me, and even regards me as a warm-up guest.” Usually he saw the big belly in the mirror and he was very anxious and painful. But for the sake of art, he didn’t regret that it’s worth a sacrifice. When the audience laughed but also had fun when they went out to play with friends, no one recognized it and could enjoy it. Although it was fat for work, it also explained from the other side: How daunting to eat! I don’t know if the “Uncle Uncle” who finished the role will soon return to “small fresh meat” and “I am fat and play”. Back to Sohu, check out more responsible editors: Disclaimer: This article only represents the author himself, Sohu is the information publishing platform, Sohu only provides information storage space services. Read () complaint