comment list, the State Administration of Taxation came out to clarify, fake, there is no artisan being interviewed

Home>Entertainment>Star Dynamics>Star Gossip>There are 6 people who have been interviewed by the list of artists who have paid taxes and over 100 million male stars on the spot. They are all on the list of the artists who have been interviewed. 6 of them have paid taxes and over 100 million male stars on the spot. Cry! Source: Ai Xiumei 2018-12-0710:16:42 Editor: Button [Guide]: Recently, Hong Kong TVB exposed 17 people who were interviewed by tax-respecting artists, including a male artist crying on the spot during the interview. Everyone is very curious about who the 17 artists who have been interviewed are? Let’s take a look. After being interviewed by Fan Bingbing, who has been fined 800 million yuan for tax evasion and tax evasion, now it is exposed that 17 stars in the entertainment circle are suspected of tax evasion. Who are these 17 artists? Netizens are very curious, but the mainland news media has not reported. Today, TVB, the Hong Kong TV station news channel, has reported a list of 17 artists who have been interviewed. They have popular actresses Yang Mi, Di Lieba, Zhao Liying, Zhao Wei, popular male stars Xu Wei, Wu Jing, Wu Yifan, Lu Han Huang Wei, Huang Yingming, Yang Ying, Sun Wei, Deng Chao, Yan Liya, Chen Sicheng, Wang Feng Zhang Ziyi, these couples of stars, not the first-line actors or the top flow of small flowers, are the big names in the entertainment circle, which makes the people who eat me say accept incompetence. The TVB news report also stated that six of them had to pay over RMB 100 million in taxes, and that male artists were crying during the interview. TVB reported on this incident, and netizens have just praised TVB. However, although TVB reported it, but who is the 17 artists, we have to wait for the mainland media to report it, compare it, whether the list is different. . In fact, as a group that is highly concerned by the national audience, the entertainment circle accommodates top talents. Their film and television works enrich the people’s spare time, so that everyone can enjoy good literary works in the work and life. Aesthetic pleasure, the original entertainment circle is a very active group. However, it is said that there are many birds in the forest. In a fame and fortune in the entertainment industry, there is very little to be able to get through the big dyeing tanks but to get out of the mud, but the stars should have a sense of mission. Remember to remember the impact of being a public figure on the public. If you don’t practice self-cultivation and obey the law, it will bring very bad influence, and it will play a bad demonstration role for the public, and even harm yourself. Nowadays, the storm has come out, the supplement of the supplement, the punishment of the penalty, accept the punishment decision, but how to be a good star in the future, how to be a good literary worker? It is also worth thinking about all the entertainment people. How to prevent the star tax evasion? There are such news in the circle of friends of artists, directors, screenwriters and other staff members in the film and television circle: some film and television studios have received notifications from the tax authorities for tax payment work, which are divided into four stages: self-examination and self-correction. Interviews with tax reimbursement, tax on-site counseling, inspections, and key inspections (tax inspections). Among them, in 3 days, 17 artists from Zhejiang have been interviewed, and the tax payment work needs to be completed by December 15. Any ordinary citizen has the obligation to pay taxes according to law, let alone the rich artists and stars in the film and television industry? It is not appropriate for them to delay the tax payable. The government has to give them time to remedy it. It is already generous. Therefore, three days to talk about 17 artists, is to let these people in the entertainment industry, when making big money, don’t forget the social responsibility they should shoulder. In our view, paying taxes according to law, not tax evasion is the responsibility of every citizen. Artists, as public figures, should play a leading role. What everyone hates most now is that some artists hold high pay and damage the interests of the entire industry. They also have to face tax evasion and tax fraud, and secretly engage in yin and yang contracts. Fortunately, the famous mouth Cui Yongyuan’s disclosure made the star’s high pay and tax evasion surface surface. I also hope that the stars should cherish the opportunity now, and pay the tax before the end of the year, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. So how do we stop the tax evasion of the film industry? First of all, the whole industry should join forces to lower the high pay of the stars. The stars have worked hard to get a little reward, but some stars earn tens of millions in a few days. This is unreasonable. They took high pay, but they took a high price. The expenses of other parts of the entire crew will be greatly reduced, and some stars will force the crew to sign yin and yang contracts for tax avoidance. This is not correct. Therefore, we must first lower the high pay of the star. In the second step, the local taxation department should go to the place where the stars filmed to publicize and guide the stars, telling the majority of artists to pay taxes is the obligation of every national, and the stars are no exception. Let everyone feel that paying taxes is part of life, not cumbersome. In addition, the tax department should disclose the tax rate and tax base so that each star can figure out how much tax to pay and how much tax to pay. If the taxpayer’s rights and obligations are not deep into the hearts of the stars, then the tax evasion habits are difficult to change. The third step is to warn the stars who dare to evade taxes and tax evasion, and ask them to make up the tax within the stipulated time. They will severely punish the star tax evasion of malicious tax evasion or tax evasion, or sign the yin and yang contract. Of course, public opinion The guiding aspect should also be coordinated. To be punished by the stars, they dare not evade taxes and tax evasion. They feel that tax evasion affects reputation and future, and there is also the risk of imprisonment and heavy punishment. It is not worth doing. Next:Last page label: Star gossip star data