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Changsha notified many lawyers that the merchants were besieged to cause different degrees of damage. 2018-12-0713:12:30 澎湃News Original title: Changsha informed that “multiple lawyers have been involved in trademark infringement disputes by merchants and sieges”: criminal detention 1 personnel discovery site. Video screenshots On December 3, six lawyers of Hunan Haoyu Law Firm were involved in the infringement of alcoholic liquor trademarks and were surrounded by several merchant representatives, causing different degrees of harm. On the evening of the 6th, the Furong Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Changsha City notified the above case. According to the report, the Furong Branch quickly set up a task force to conduct an investigation. At present, it has been criminally detained by Hong Mou, a criminal suspect suspected of seeking trouble, and is investigating and arresting other suspects. According to the above notification, at 13:00 on December 3, 2018, the Mawangdui Police Station of the Furong Branch of the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau received an alarm saying that in a underground parking lot of an office building in Mawangdui, a lawyer of a law firm Zhou Mouyi Someone was intercepted and beaten by many people. After receiving the alarm, the Mawangdui police station immediately rushed to the scene to stop the crime, and arrested a person involved in the case of Hong (female, 42 years old, Linhai, Zhejiang). After initial investigation, the law firm represented a company in suing 283 merchant trademark infringement cases. At 13 o’clock on the afternoon of December 3, when Zhou and Yu and others were driving to go to court, they were intercepted and beaten by more than 30 merchant representatives. After the incident, the Furong Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Changsha City quickly set up a task force to conduct an investigation. At present, the criminal suspect suspected of seeking troubles has been criminally detained and is investigating and arresting other suspects. At present, the Furong police urged other people involved in the case to take the initiative to surrender to the public security organs and strive for a wide deal. A law firm mentioned in the police briefing was Hunan Haoyu Law Firm. An injured lawyer recalled to the news that on the day of the incident, they drove to the court, and the defendants of the alcoholic liquor, that is, dozens of merchants gathered together. A large number of people were traffic jams, and the lawyers in the car were dragged down and beaten. The lawyer said that he had suffered a skin injury, his fingers and knees were broken, and a lawyer was beaten. On the evening of December 6, Hu Yongping, director of the Changsha City Law Association’s Professional Rights Protection Committee, told the news that the Changsha Lawyers Association and the Changsha Municipal Justice Bureau and the Human Rights Commission opened a coordination meeting that afternoon, in active communication. On the 6th, the Changsha Lawyers Association said through the WeChat public account “Changsha Lawyers” that the lawyers of Hunan Haoyu Office, which were concerned about the lawyers, were beaten, the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Justice and the Municipal Lawyers Association attached great importance to the relevant functions. The department handled the case in accordance with the law. Zhang Zhizhen, vice president of the Municipal Lawyers Association, and Hu Yongping, director of the Professional Rights Protection Committee of the City Law Association, were leading the team to handle related matters. The association will continue to pay attention to the progress of the case and release the news in due course. 12 full text total 2 pages next page