All are traps? Liu Qiangdong’s lawyer rumors: Reconciliation is purely rumored.

Image source: Network Liu Qiangdong lawyer rumors. Since August, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong has been involved in sexual assault cases. As foreign media broke the news and revealed more details, Jingdong’s share price plummeted and Liu Qiangdong, who has always been high-profile, absent from the AI conference, etc., and became a talk of many people after dinner. On December 6, Weibo Da V “Zhejiang Hong Yanhua” broke the news, saying that Liu Qiangdong took $50 million (344 million yuan) to reconcile with the victim, saying that the 21-year-old young victim was in the second Deng Wendi. Still arbitrarily analyzed, “no exposure identity, documents, family, TOEFL, either very simple, or very thoughtful. But the reality is that girls now, more than the uncle will play.” Not to mention the big V broke Inaccurate, the argument of this malicious attack victim has already caused a lot of netizens’ dislike. Isn’t the information of the victim not exposed to the judicial system perfect? This can also be a victim’s deliberate argument? For this matter, Liu Qiang Beijing Shihui Law Firm issued a statement saying: “The remarks are purely rumored, and we have carried out evidence preservation on this, and will take legal action against the rumors of manufacturing and dissemination.” Looking at this big V Weibo, this Weibo has been deleted, and it has begun to plunge into the recent Huawei incident. This article is from the Foresight Network, please indicate the source. The content of this article represents only the author’s personal opinion. This site is for reference only and does not constitute any investment and application advice. (If there is content, copyright or other issues, please contact: For brand cooperation and advertising, please contact: 0755-33015062 or